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Saturday, April 12, 2014

NKU to host Take Back the Night seminar focusing on sexual assault prevention

Every two minutes someone in the United States suffers a sexual assault. About 238,000 people actually report the crime each year, but the number of cases of sexual assault is believed to be much, much higher because of the reluctance victims feel about reporting it.

To highlight the fact that April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and to make people aware of the ongoing prevalence of sexual violence, Northern Kentucky University will host Take Back the Night at 6 p.m. on Monday, April 14,  in the University Center Ballroom.

The program provides an environment of support and healing so that survivors are empowered to express their experiences; raises awareness of the ways that sexual violence is used to oppress and perpetuate racism and sexism; and builds a network of individuals willing to work toward creating a community free from violence.

Featured speakers will include representatives from Speakout, The Clothesline Project, and Candlelight. 

This year’s theme is Survivors and Allies: Standing Together.

While NKU is annually rated one of the safest college campuses in Kentucky, the reality is that high school and college females are 400 percent likelier to be victims of sexual assault than any other demographic. That makes events like Take Back the Night, which raise awareness of and attempt to reduce the number of sexual assaults so important.

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