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Monday, April 28, 2014

OP-ED: People Above Politics

By: Charlie “Coach” Coleman
Charlie Coleman. Source: Provided
Far too often politics takes precedence over our citizens.  Let’s look at a few examples.

Politics trumped our Senior Citizens when Lakeside Terrace was sold to NKU for a dorm.  This building had never cost the taxpayers a penny.  The residents were happy with their apartments and the convenience of Krogers and near by restaurants.  At a Fiscal Court meeting the residents pleaded with the Judge and Commissioners not to sell the building, all the while the Court denied NKU was the buyer.  The Fiscal Court members stated 5 million dollars was needed to make needed renovations.  However, they refused to disclose who made the bid, even denying an open records request.  Hermes Construction of Wilder offered to do an analysis of needed repairs at no charge to the County, but was turned down.  Another reason given for the sale was the declining population.  What the County didn’t tell the public was new applications were not being taken for over a year.  By coincidence the building was just being paid off.   Is it possible this deal was done months or perhaps years before?

Recall our Fiscal Court’s attempt to give a portion of our Nursing Home beds to Boone County?  Good for the Region, bad for Campbell County!  Does anyone think Campbell County would ever get those needed beds back?

The previous legislature provided needed funds to Southbank, the Economic Development agency for the river cities of Ft. Thomas, Bellevue, Dayton and Newport.  These funds were for shoring up erosion problems along the Ohio River.  Prime example is Bellevue’s Beach Park which was sliding into the river.  Bellevue has spent millions on this park.  Because of politics these needed funds were given to Vision 2015, not Southbank.  Can anyone name any projects Vision 2015 has done in Campbell County?

Lastly, our Fiscal Court will not stand with the citizens of Camp Springs in their fight against SD 1 and the raw sewage pipeline.  Not only will it damage the landscape of historic Camp Springs, but the residents will not be able to tap into the line and get service.  Our County leaders also refused to take action against SD1’s double digit rate increase.  Thank goodness Boone and Kenton counties voted it down, stopping the increase.

These are just a few of the examples that have motivated me to run for County Commissioner.  Elected officials are “delegates” of the people, not their “trustee”.  The “Nanny State” mentality that the government knows what’s best for us is not the government Campbell County deserves.  “We the people, not we the government.”

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