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Friday, May 2, 2014

15 N. Fort Thomas Owners of the As-Yet Named Brick-Oven Pizza Restaurant Speak

It's been a long time coming, but 15 N. Fort Thomas Ave has a new owner and new plans for a restaurant, which will begin energizing a lagging Towne Centre District.

The property was officially transferred from Fowler Properties on Monday. Mark Fowler bought the property from Warner Investments in 2012 for $490,000. No figure is currently available for the latest purchase.

New owners Ed and Lori Gossman, who are not quite ready to release the name of their brick-oven pizza restaurant at 15 N. Fort Thomas Ave.,  have successfully run a similar type restaurant called Roscoe's in Washington D.C., which they owned and operated for five years. Here is the website from that restaurant. Both Lori and Ed have been in the restaurant business for over 20 years. 

The restaurant will have Neapolitan inspired pizzas and will be more comprehensive than a pizzeria. "Especially over time after we settle in and expand our menu," said owner Ed Gossman. "In addition to a multitude of craft beers we will have a concise but excellent selection of wines and a handful of classic and contemporary inspired cocktails."  

The Gossmans, who have two children under 4, have ties to Fort Thomas. Lori's sister and brother-in-law live here, which was a big reason why they chose to move and work here. 

"We wanted to slow it down a little. D.C. is such a fast pace way of life and so spread out," said Gossman. "Comparing Fort Thomas to there is apples to oranges. We lived 45 minutes away from the restaurant and were putting something like 50,000 on the cars every year. We wanted our kids to go to school in Fort Thomas. We love the city."

According to Gossman, there will be a transitional period for the construction of the restaurant, which he hopes to have opened by this fall. The upstairs dining room will be completely opened up to encompass the entire room, with the brick-oven set up in the middle of the room. 

"It's going to be open and exposed to everyone. It ends up being a show," said Gossman. He said he understood that that challenge for the property was getting people to want to be on the inside of the restaurant and the need for superior and fast service. The pizza oven will certainly help that as the extreme heat can bake a pizza in 60-75 seconds. 

The Gossmans, who sold their restaurant in D.C., have not yet moved to Fort Thomas. "We basically put this deal together over the phone."

Fort Thomas Economic Director, Debbie Buckley, said, "We are so happy to have Ed and Lori join the Fort Thomas community. Over the last several months I have learned a lot about their family, their values, and their business ideas. I know they're going to be a perfect fit here."


New owners of the as-yet named brick-oven pizza place at 15 N. Fort Thomas Ave. Lori and Ed Gossman

Craft beers and wines. 

Four cheese pizza with local sausage
Excellent salads will be an integral part of our menu
Summer tomato caprese with rainbow carrots
Pesto chicken with Grana Padano and baby heirloom tomatoes


  1. So exciting! Welcome to the town!

  2. This IS very exciting!! Congratulations to you both. Ft. Thomas is a lucky city to have you!!

  3. Ft. Thomas is lucky to have you!! Congratulations to you both!!

  4. When I heard D.C. I was hoping for a generous George's positive pizza and pasta.

  5. I love the idea of some awesome salads! Not everyone wants to eat pizza, but wants to support the local businesses. I hope they can try to put something for the rest of us on the menu.