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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Chuck & Mary Lou Keller Named 2014 July 4th Parade Grand Marshals

Mary Lou & Chuck Keller/Facebook

Soon-to-be-retired Highlands High School English teacher Chuck Keller and his wife Mary Lou Keller have been named Grand Marshals for the 2014 Fort Thomas Independence Day Parade.

Keller made the announcement today, via Facebook:

The parade, an annual staple in the Fort Thomas community, will take place on the morning of Friday, July 4th. 

As FTM has reported, Keller -- a 27-year veteran of the HHS teaching squad and current English Department Chair -- announced earlier this academic year that 2013-14 would be his last. Keller left a significant impact on the 4,000+ students he had the opportunity to teach and mentor over nearly three decades serving Fort Thomas Independent Schools.

Perhaps the Kellers were chosen to emcee the parade because they themselves are also staples of the Fort Thomas community. FTM's Jessica Duke put it this way, in her tribute to her former teacher and mentor:
I had Mr. Keller my junior year; I came to his class as one who never seemed to enjoy school.  Math was my nemesis but English was a close second.  He, more than any other teacher, was able to ignite in me that spark for lifelong learning that so many strive to achieve but so few actually do.  As unique an experience as that was for me, this was the effect he had on the majority of his 4,000 students.
In her own Facebook posting about the appointment, Mary Lou joked, "I'm just there by default." But, again, Duke sees it differently, pointing out how Mary Lou has been instrumental and gracious in sharing her husband with the rest of their community:
If you know Chuck, you know Mary Lou… Mary Lou is also one of the two defining characteristics of what makes a good life, per Chuck’s personal philosophy: “The two things that shape you as a person are 1) With whom you choose to share your life; and 2) what you decide to do”.  Mary Lou is the former, teaching the latter. 
FTM hopes the Kellers' appointment as Grand Marshals this July 4th marks a continuation of what has been a long tenure of impact on our community, even after "Uncle Keller" leaves HHS to go spend his days with his bride.

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  1. As School Board representative on the Parade Committee over the past decade, it has been an honor to seek out and recognize so many truly distinguished members of our community who have given of themselves over the decades, making Fort Thomas the desirable place that it is to be raised, retained, returned or recruited. When this year's short-list ended up including the Kellers, my Board Member radar went into high gear. Long before NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND became a slogan for a government program, Chuck Keller was long-time at work living his teacher's work ethic on a daily basis, every day, for ever student, those he taught and those he would come to know simply by being so cool. In an exemplary district where exemplary students achieve new performance highs every year, Chuck Keller has made it his unfailing mission to make sure that this district also casts its net deep and wide as we continuously work to bring out every student's exemplary performance and personal best. As Plato reminded us of the Gadfly's priceless utility by not allowing the sturdy plow-horse to languish, resting on its laurels, Chuck Keller has served his students, the District and the community by constantly reminding us by reminding each student that if we are to truly Take It To the Next Level, if we are to be Rich In Tradition and Focused On The Future, we must do so by seeing to it, like we mean it, that No Child Is Left Behind. With our eternal thanks, Chuck and Mary Lou. ~ This Board Member, as well as a cadre of grateful students, parents and community members.