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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Planning Commission Approves New Subdivision on Newman Ave.

139 Newman Ave., the site of 3 new properties to be developed in Fort Thomas

The Planning Commission has approved the development of three new properties at what is currently 139 Newman Avenue.

Last week, the commission approved the preliminary plans, submitted by S3 Building and Development, LLC, to develop Stacey Subdivision on the nearly 3.5 acres sitting adjacent to the residence currently sitting on the property.

The commission is now awaiting S3BD's final plot proposals, according to Fort Thomas Zoning Administrator Frank Twehues.

Twehues explained that, while new subdivisions usually included proposals for enhancements in infrastructure (new streets and utility lines), Stacey will not be proposing any such enhancements.

Infrastructure capacity was also one of the preliminary concerns voiced by some of the nearly 35 residents who attended the commission meeting, Twehues said. Specifically, drainage onto the condo properties located nearby on Churchill Drive worried the neighbors.

Twehues has confirmed, however, that the condos assumed to be at risk are, in fact, not susceptible to such drainage issues.

"Regarding the trees," Twehues said, addressing residents' concern for lost green space, "[S3BD] agreed to placing a green space on the hillside that would remain undisturbed." 

The undeveloped plots consist primarily of tree growth.

Twehues also explained that the city had notified residents of the proposed development project through a mailer, a posting on an adjacent telephone pole, and a legal ad in the local paper of record, the Fort Thomas Recorder.

Minutes from the commission meeting, detailing the development, will be available after the next Planning Commission meeting. Planning commission meetings occur the 3rd Wednesday of each month in the City Building.

Photo: 139 Newman Ave./Google Maps

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