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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fit Philosophie Parkinson’s Exercise Programs

Fit Philosophie is located at 911 N. Fort Thomas Ave and is part of the #FTMFamily. 

Fit Philosophie is offering Parkinson's exercise programs.

"We are committed to the Parkinson’s Disease Community and offer several programs tailored to an individual’s needs and abilities," said Fit Philosophie owner, Jennifer Lynn. "We welcome and highly recommend caregivers and/or spouses to attend."

Parkinson’s One-on-One Training
Do you have a PD Specific Exercise routine to do at home or at your gym? If not, the CCF one- on-one sessions are a good start.

These sessions begin with a Fitness Assessment that includes: medical history review, personal goal assessment and biomechanical screening. PD clients are trained according to their goals and abilities with a thorough at-home program designed and demonstrated. Areas of focus may in- clude: balance, flexibility, posture, gait-walking, strength training and coordination. Session quantity is at the discretion of the client, but a 5-10 session package of 30 or 60 minute time frames is encouraged to ensure results. Client feedback and compliance is highly recommended to ensure a safe and effective workout.
Parkinson’s Disease Exercise Group

This group is great for those PD clients who are independent and in need of PD-specific exercises in a group atmosphere. Sessions consist of group chair stretches, walking-gait exercises and circuit training.

The circuit is made of 6-8 stations of PD specific exercises focusing on balance, coordination, posture and strength training with participants rotating stations every 2-3 minutes. Participants are supervised by a certified personal trainer.

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