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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Fort Thomas Teen Still Missing; More Information Becomes Available

MISSING: Edyn Palmer 
The search continues for Fort Thomas teen, Edyn Palmer. A Facebook group (click here to like) has been established and more information is beginning to come in.

From a flyer on the page:

- The last confirmed sighting was last Sunday (5-18) at 4:57 PM at Convenient in the Towne Center. There is video footage available.

- She does not have a cell phone.

- She does not have any social media pages.

- As of now, there are no leads on who she could be with.

- She suffers from a mental illness and needs medication daily. Without those medications should could make irrational decisions.

1 comment:

  1. I've been sharing this on face book and talking about this with friends. The article says she doesn't have a phone, but the one picture looks like she's on a phone. Is that just an odd angle, or did she borrow someone's phone or maybe have one her mom didn't know about?
    Praying for her safe return and keeping my eyes out!