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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

FTPD Continues Rape Aggression Defense Classes

In 2013, Sgt. Chris Carpenter and Off. Emily Leising of the Fort Thomas Police Department maintained their certification as Instructors for Women's Basic Self-Defense through the Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) system, by assisting in various classes throughout the area and offering classes in Fort Thomas.

The RAD system is a nationally recognized program that incorporates realistic defense tactics and mindsets and encourages women to act with confidence. The program educates, trains, and strengthens women so that they know they can handle a situation where physical confrontation may be necessary, and so they are able to recognize and avoid or prevent those situations when possible.

With the growth in popularity of this type of community program, certified instructors from Boone, Kenton, and Campbell Counties joined together to assist in presenting the classes. Two sessions were offered in Fort Thomas in 2013. Seven women in May and ten in December participated in self-defense training.

"In both sessions, the response was extremely positive," says Police Chief Mike Daly in his 2013 Annual Report to City Council.

Sgt. Carpenter and Off. Leising implemented a couple of new drills to the class in 2013, the report says, meant to improve practice and experience. These drills were included based on the requests from students in the class and through the experience of the instructors. According to the report, the new additions also received "great reviews" from participants.

"The participants raved about the classes, their personal experiences in the scenario training, and the overall feeling of accomplishment they gained through participation," the report says.

The report also points to the Cold Spring and Alexandria Police Departments as "instrumental" in making these sessions memorable. Both agencies volunteered instructors and equipment to assist in creating a great learning atmosphere for the participants.

For information on this year's RAD classes, call the FTPD Administrative Office, at (859) 441-6562.

This article was adapted from the Fort Thomas Police Department 2013 Annual Report

Photo: Law enforcement instructors wear pads to educate women in self-defense, Fort Thomas City Building/provided by FTPD.

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