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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kindermusik by Cindy Sugarman

Guest Post by Cindy Sugarman

Children love to move.  Look at any playground, nursery, and even the grocery store.
Moving is a child’s job, as they work on crawling then walking.  The world is theirs when they begin to walk.

Children love to speak.  From birth, most children will squeak and coo, as they wiggle and watch their mom’s face intently.  As they grow, they will imitate sounds, echoing their mom and dad, and any sound that they hear.

Right here in our community of Ft. Thomas, there is a program that explores this movement and speech.  It is called Kindermusik.

Kindermusik is an early childhood music and movement program that was started over 30 years ago.  The philosophy was to use music to explore, guide and develop this early childhood explosion of moving and speaking.

Kindermusik provides an environment that nurtures the development of the child and nurtures the mother as well.  How?  By offering ideas, exploring shakers,  waving scarves, as we sing and listen to recordings.   By offering  encouragement to try new ways to move and use the rhythm instruments, thus gaining confidence while building skills.   By offering a loosely structured class that encourages growth, listening skills, self-control, and working together.

Classes start for children as young as four months.  This once a week class creates a  balance between the everyday routines and new classroom experiences to help stimulate the baby and encourage mastery of new skills.  As mom and child relax and play together, their bond is strengthened. Mom is encouraged to try new ways of moving with her child  and using rhythm instruments or scarves and is often surprised as her child responds so eagerly.

Next is the toddlers class.   This class is full of energy, excitement and eagerness to bounce, gallop, slide and learn new ways of moving their bodies.

For three and four year olds, the imagination is built on as the class curriculum explores the weather or a breakfast routine through song, always using the familiar to launch into  wonderful story telling.
Finally, the culmination of the years of foundational work, the 5 and 6 year olds are introduced to the glockenspiel, dulcimer and recorder.  Songs that have been sung in class over the years are now transferred to the percussion, strings and woodwind instruments.   The written language of rhythm and melody are now introduced.  The exciting opera, The Magic Flute by Mozart, and the beautiful, familiar ballet, The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky are introduced.   Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev introduces children to the orchestra.

Songs from around the world, holidays and special celebrations, Appalachian music and tales are equally embraced.

The language of music becomes second nature to the children.  Forte, piano, glissando, composer, staff become familiar and routine vocabulary.

And this wonderful program focuses on the process of learning.  No pressure to perform, though I’ve seen many a budding actress and musician in class.

You are welcome to visit a class and see for yourself the joy of sharing music with your child.


  1. For camp info., fall info. e-mail me:

  2. My kids have grown up with Ms. Cindy.
    She planted the seed for their LOVE of music.

  3. I LOVED sharing the Kindermusik experience with my two children. And one of the things I'm most excited about as we anticipate the birth of our third baby is getting to return to Kindermusik with Miss Cindy! She is excellent and the children LOVE her! Learning songs and moving to the music was such a great time of excitement for all of us and opened the kids' minds to new things. I can't recommend Kindermusik with Cindy Sugarman highly enough.