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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Rechtin Invites Pendery to Debate

Ken Rechtin, Democrat
"Let's you and I get down to business."

So said an eager Ken Rechtin, Democratic candidate for Campbell County Judge/Executive, in a letter to Republican Steve Pendery, inviting the 15-year incumbent to a series of debates to be held this fall.

In the letter, which Rechtin wrote the same day Campbell County Republicans stuck with Pendery as their pick for the county's top job, the Democrat proposes three debates, one in each the northern, central, and southern portions of the county.

The topics Rechtin suggests the opponents discuss for the voters are familiar terrain for Pendery and voters alike:

  • economic development in Campbell County
  • fighting the region's growing heroin addiction problem
  • the role of government in private markets
  • funding county services
  • the relationship between county and other governments

Pendery defeated primary challenger Kevin on Tuesday by approximately 700 votes, less than a 10% margin, but he's in no rush. He told the Enquirer, "The election is a long way off. There's no reason to be in a big hurry. I just got the first election over with."

Steve Pendery, Republican

Rechtin is no stranger to county government, currently serving on Campbell County Fiscal Court as county commissioner. 

"This is a pivotal election, with the future of Campbell County at stake," Rechtin wrote. "It is our responsibility to present the voters with a clear and honest voice."

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