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Friday, May 2, 2014

Two Restaurants Sign Letters of Intent for Newport Pavilion

FTM broke news that IHOP would be the newest restaurant for the Newport Pavilion back in March. Construction could begin on that restaurant in about two weeks.

Now two other restaurants have signed letters of intent for retail space at Newport Pavilion. Because leases have not yet been signed, my contact at Anchor Associates was not able to confirm names of the restaurants.

One restaurant will occupy a 12,000-square-foot building near T.J.Maxx. The other will have about 6,000-square-feet, building just north of Dick's Sporting Goods.

According to the site plan, Newport Pavilion could be fully leased by the end of 2014 with all tenant facilities complete and in use by spring 2015.

Some approximate square footage of restaurants rumored to be leasing space at Newport Pavilion:

Smoothie King - 800 - 1,600
Bruegger's Bagels - 1,500 - 2,500
Laughing Noodle - 1,500
Orange Leaf - 1,600 - 1,700
Steak and Shake - 3,315 - 3800
Chili's - 6,000
Outback Steakhouse - 6,000
Texas Roadhouse - 6,700 - 7,500
Olive Garden - 7,500-8,500
BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse - 8,500


  1. One of the things I have always appreciated about Fort Thomas is that it is not a cookie cutter of every other suburban neighborhood across the country. Though I am supportive of strategic development I have to say I am kind of sad to see this list of future tenants. The same restaurants and the same stores as every other exit on I-75. It is too bad that the space was likely priced out of the market for individually owned businesses. We are losing our uniqueness so that we only have to drive 5 minutes instead of 15 minutes (to Rookwood). Bleh.

  2. If they are not Mom and Pop, I'm not interested. This state is saturated with corporate garbage and not enough private family business. I'd rather cook at home if this is the future....

  3. Unfortunately or Fortunately, you aren't going to find a new commercial development with "mom and pop" stores and I think everyone realizes this or should. This has been happening across the country for the past twenty years or more. Sq ft space cost at Newport Pavilion is simply to high, I've been told 40 sq ft, while older less convenient spaces will go for 10-20 sq ft. You need the draw off a national chain and the profit margins of a well run company to make that monthly nut. The alternative is it would still be in bankruptcy and nothing would be there. Take the good with the bad. I shop at target and Kroger all the time, enjoy Michaels and have used Tire Discounters. Would I love to see an eclectic mix of unique shops that have colorful owners and services? Of course. There are plenty of storefronts for this in and around Fort Thomas, coincidence? Most likely not. Owning a business is hard, making it successful is even harder. Shop Local, and unique businesses will flock to the town. Unfortunately I haven't see this yet either.

  4. I was really hoping for some different places, maybe a Korean or Indian restaurant. Oh well. Perhaps the rents in Newport Shopping Center have dropped sufficiently that small or unique businesses could afford to open there.

  5. Well, there are a lot of independent restaurants in Newport, and if you want a unique eclectic shops with colorful owners - just head down to Monmouth Street and downtown Newport.

    Problem solved.

  6. As a resident of Newport - I am so dissapointed once again of the lack of local government compassion for the small Mom & Pop family run businesses who built this City. As city officials are more concerned with generating the oh mighty tax dollar to support their personal pockets and pension plans! What an eyesore this entire development has become. It is so poorly designed from the lack of aesthetic value of its' overall appearance - to its' sad landscaping attempts - to the jumbled parking areas and road leading into the corporate chaos. So glad we have the beauty and historic charm of neighboring small business friendly Ft. Thomas and quaint Bellevue to patronize!!!

  7. Don't be blinded that you don't think that Ft. Thomas or Bellevue would not do the same thing with available space. Newport has just as many small business restaurants as Bellevue if not more. Like it or not, none of them were going to locate in this complex. There is a place for each. Show me where Kenwood Beechmont or Florence have small businesses in any type of complex like these. You might want unique or different options, but you can't force them to sign.