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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Which County Commissioner Will Represent You?

Campbell County Fiscal Court, located at 11th and Monmouth in Newport
On Tuesday, Campbell County voters will decide which candidates will go on to seek the position of County Commissioner in Campbell's three fiscal districts.

The Campbell County Fiscal Court, comprised of one commissioner from each district and overseen by the Judge-Executive, is the legislative body that governs the county.

But which commissioner represents which parts of Campbell County?

In 2012, the boundaries dividing the three districts -- which previously were drawn (roughly) along geographical lines -- were reapportioned to more accurately reflect population demographics.

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Before the 2012 reapportionment, District One, the largest of the three geographically, hugged the western-most edge of the county, including Wilder, John's Hill, northwestern Cold Spring Alexandria, Grants Lick, Sun Valley, California, and Mentor.

District Two, on the eastern side, included Bellevue, Dayton, most of Fort Thomas, Silver Grove, southeastern Cold Spring, Melbourne, Camp Springs, and Ross.

District Three shot down the middle to include Newport, Southgate the western edges of Fort Thomas, and Highland Heights.

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In 2012, those boundaries were re-drawn.

District One, now the central district, includes most of Fort Thomas, most of Southgate, Highland Heights, and central Cold Spring.

District Two now includes Wilder, John's Hill, eastern and western (but not central) Cold Spring, Camp Springs, Silver Grove, Melbourne, Ross, California, Grants Lick, Sun Valley, and Mentor.

District Three includes what might be referred to as the riverfront district: northern Fort Thomas, Dayton, Bellevue, Newport, and northern Southgate.

Candidates from all three districts will be decided in Tuesday's primary. Here's a list of the candidates.

Photo: Campbell County Fiscal Court/Google Maps

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