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Monday, June 9, 2014

Budding Journalists: Transitioning from Elementary to Middle School in Fort Thomas

FTM is opening up its platform to students in Fort Thomas who have an interest in Journalism. Budding Journalists is a new feature and Lexie Crawford is our first writer to take the plunge. Let's welcome Lexie to the #FTMFamily!

By Lexie Crawford

Most people reading this have been through middle school and know it is not the easiest experience. I am a girl in the fifth grade getting ready to go to middle school. I am both worried and excited to be going to middle school. I wondered how my friends were taking this experience so I asked a few fifth graders from different schools to answer some questions about the transition.

Emma H., a fifth grader from Moyer, said that she is not worried about how many more people there will be because she knows a lot of people and they are all pretty much her friends and is not scared about making more friends. She is looking forward to having more freedom, because we do not have much freedom in elementary school. But, she is also scared about being the youngest in school again.

Nick C., 5th grader at Johnson, also gave his input on the transition to the middle school. He said although he doesn't know what after-school activities he's doing, he is excited about picking them. Nick said he is most excited about the lockers because that means he won't have to lug his stuff around as we do now.

A fifth grade student at Woodfill Elementary named Alyssa C. told me her feelings about going to the middle school. She's not worried about not having friends because she already has so many from her school and from other schools. Some of them are Bethany S., Lily D., Emma H., Rory O., and Peyton D. She's most excited about decorating her locker to show her personality, and she said she will be in next year's play especially because she loves being dramatic. She is not sure if she wants to be in Team 1 or Team 2 because she wants to do well in school but she wants to have fun in class.

Braden B., a Johnson 5th grader, said he is most excited about having new and different teachers because he's never had them before and is looking forward to meeting them. You might not know but 6th graders next year each get a MacBook Pro. Braden is excited about these because this means his backpack will not be as heavy as it would've been with all the books. Now pretty much all of the books we would have had to carry will be on our computer. Braden wants to be on Team 1 because if he is he gets to have fun in class. That's just what we do in Team 1!

Braden, Emma, Nick, and Alyssa just showed us that even though the transition between elementary school and middle school is challenging, it is also very exciting!