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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ft. Thomas Florist and Greenhouses Yard of the Month: June

Catherine Gausvick, 132 South Grand Ave  
Unique Yard Features: 

Catherine has been gardening for over 25 years.  When looking at the front of her house you can certainly tell. This house was perfectly manicured from the lawn to the landscape.  Trees, shrubs, perennials, and a wide variety of colorful annuals were perfectly placed in every corner and flower bed of this beautiful house. Working with sun and shade she used Drift roses, hostas and golden mops to accent her black platinum mulch. The use of colorful annuals and green perennials and shrubs make this yard a perfect nominee and winner of the first 2014 Ft Thomas Florist Yard of the Month!!!!

Tips from Ft. Thomas Florist/Deals for the Month 
The tip of the month is in regards to watering shade plants.  When plants are in the shade the amount of water needed is less.  Always wait until the dirt of the plant is dry to the touch.  The trick is walking the line of watering when ready, but not waiting too long! Plants can always be given more water when dry, but once over-watered, the root will start to rot and the plant is hard to bring back to life.   If you ever have any questions about flowers, trees, shrubs call Ft Thomas Florist @ 859-441-8049

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