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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

OP-ED (Campbell Co. Dems): Increase in 911 Service Fee Should Be Equitable

Democratic Candidates for Campbell County’s Fiscal Court expressed disappointment to the Campbell Circuit Court’s ruling this past week that the $45 addition to each property owner’s individual real property tax bill was constitutional.

Commissioner Ken Rechtin, who voted against the measure, said, “It might be constitutional, but it is not fair to the citizens of Campbell County.”

“The fee of $45 per parcel of real estate is the same whether it is the Wal-Mart in Alexandria or for the small cottage in west Newport. This is fundamentally unfair to most of the individuals paying the $45 tax,” said Rechtin.

Commissioner Rechtin, candidate for Judge/Executive, Rene Heinrich, candidate for Commissioner from District One, Melanie Steidel Pelle, candidate for District 2 and Mark Ramler, candidate for Commissioner from District 3, believe there should be adequate funding for the 911 Services by the County.

However, they believe that any change in funding should be done in an equitable manner. Currently, residential property owners carry the bulk of the responsibility in funding this service. A person who owns a small home in Bellevue should not pay the same amount as the Kroger Marketplace in Newport.

Rechtin, Heinrich, Ramler, and Pelle, upon taking office in January, vow to work with all groups in the county to properly but equitably fund the important 911 Dispatch Service. This includes working cooperatively with state government regarding the distribution of the monthly 911 fees collected on cell phones by the state.

Written and provided by the Campbell County Democratic Party

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