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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

High E. Coli Levels in Licking River Prompt Swimming Advisory

Licking River joining the Ohio River/Wikipedia
As the holiday weekend approaches, Kentucky authorities have recommended avoiding recreational contact with a number of regional bodies of water, including the Licking River, from Banklick Creek to its confluence with the Ohio River.

The Kentucky Division of Water and the Kentucky Department of Health have made the recommendation due to high levels of E. coli bacteria currently measured in the water.

E. coli bacteria is known to cause severe diarrhea and other infectious diseases, and high levels of the bacteria are often attributed to compromised or failing sewage systems in the vicinity.

The swimming advisories are in effect indefinitely, and also include Banklick Creek in Kenton and Boone Counties and Three Mile Creek in Campbell County.

Other regional bodies of water affected include:
  • Cumberland River (Four Mile Bridge to Pineville at Highway 66 Bridge)
  • Kentucky River (North Fork upstream of Chavies)
If your holiday travel plans include any of these spots, authorities urge using caution and common sense while near or in the water. 

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