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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Is this a sinkhole in Fort Thomas?

Is a sinkhole forming on the corner of Orchard Hill and Memory Lanes?
Calls from some concerned residents took FTM to Orchard Hill to check out an apparent sinkhole forming. According to residents, the hole grew from about 10 inches in diameter to 50 in about two weeks time. 

The homes on Orchard Hill were built on a natural spring and the road was named "Orchard" because the spring led to the large white house with an orchard located on North Fort Thomas, which is one of the oldest homes in Fort Thomas - The "Thorton" home.

Because Fort Thomas, like most of Kentucky, was built on limestone, the natural spring or construction may cause the area to become more susceptible to foundation movement or perhaps sinkholes.

"Many of the homeowners here experience the yearly creaking houses because our foundation is still settling. During the seasons our doors and windows will not shut properly which are getting worse each year. Also the foundations of our homes as well as the cement in the street and on our person properties are cracking more and spreading further apart. Quite a few home owners also own pools which could be a factor in our sinkhole forming," said Holly Angel, a resident on Orchard Hill. "The one forming in the road at the corner of Orchard and Meadow grows larger everyday."

According to the City of Fort Thomas, this was caused by a break in the storm sewer and SD1 is addressing the issue. City Engineer, Frank Twehues, said he was also aware of other issues similar to this one on Rossford, Arlington, Highland and in Tower Park. He said that the hole could have opened up for a multitude of reasons including "poor installation, age, deterioration, bad connections/joints, roots, material failures, chemicals/gases/gray water from illicit connections and poor backfill or bedding to name a few." 

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