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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ken Rechtin issues another challenge to Steve Pendery for Judge Executive debate

It has been more than month since Ken Rechtin issued Steve Pendery a challenge to debate.

Rechtin said when they saw each other on June 30, he brought up the debate. Pendery suggested that The Independent Business Association of Northern Kentucky and the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee would be each hosting a debate and that there was "plenty of time."

Rechtin said he disagrees with Pendery's statement that there is plenty of time.

In fact, Rechtin said he believes that an open, frank debate is long overdue and quite simply: “It’s about time.”

"The sooner we begin this conversation the better informed the citizens of Campbell County can become about our differences," Rechtin said.

If there is one thing that Pendery and Rechtin can agree on it is that on any issue that faces Campbell County, the better the citizen is informed, the better the outcome will be.

The Independant Business Association of Northern Kentucky will be hosting some candidate forums this fall. But before the Primary Election, Rechtin said, he was told by a representative of the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee that since the only contested fall races were in Campbell County, they would not be holding candidates’ forums for the fall elections.

Rechtin said he spoke with a chamber representative this week and a decision to hold fall candidate forums has not been made.

Rechtin said he will be reaching out to possible debate hosts and sponsors. Once those have been secured he hopes that Pendery will be open to discuss debate formats, moderators, panelists and all other necessary details.

Rechtin's initial proposal is a series of three debates to be held in September and October. One debate in each of the northern, central and southern sections of Campbell County.

The issues that would be covered in the debates would include, economic development in Campbell County, combatting the growing heroin epidemic and the leadership as the CEO of Campbell County.

At this time Pendery has not accepted nor declined Rechtin's offer to debate.

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