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Friday, July 25, 2014

Mama on a Budget: Tips from the FTPD to keep safe

Fort Thomas Police Department
When I was sixteen years old, my father would get so annoyed with me because I would leave my car unlocked consistently with all of my valuables inside of it.   One day, to prove a point, he stole my CD player (for all you young readers, CD players were like a miniature record player… and record players were like a smaller phonograph… and, well, I’ve lost you young readers now, right?).  However, this had no effect on me because I just figured he had stolen it (and I was right).  When you grow up in a small, sleepy town like Mayberry Fort Thomas, you can take your safety for granted and get the sense that you’re untouchable; in fact, I still leave my car unlocked (drives my paranoid husband batty).

But maybe his paranoia is somewhat warranted.  I recently heard a lecture from Officer Will Hunt of the Fort Thomas Police Department who was a guest speaker at the latest Fort Thomas Mom’s Club meeting and when an officer tells you something, you start to listen (sorry Dad)!

Tips from the FTPD to keep safe:

No window is too high

This is something that stuck out to me because I leave my windows open all the time if they are on the second level. FTPD is saying this really isn’t the case with a lot of breaking and entering occurring through second story windows.  He asked the group, how many of us would bat an eye if a “painting truck” pulled up next to your neighbor’s house and set ladders up by the windows.  Well, is it actually a painter or is it a thief masquerading as such.

Leaving Cars unlocked

Even if you are just running into the post office you really need to lock up your car. These guys are not taking credit cards or huge things. They want your change and money and if there is something valuable, like your GPS, hide it under your seat.  Thieves like to take things that are quick to grab and easy to carry.  Recently, a video showed a thief in Newport walking innocently along the street and testing every car handle.  When he found one that was unlocked, he had stolen everything small of value within 30 seconds.


Sheds are a big ticket item right now. They are looking to take things that they can pawn. If you just bought a brand new pressure washer, or a nice lawn mower, please make sure you have a lock on your shed otherwise you may wake up and realize it’s gone.

Photos and Registration Numbers

It’s much easier for the FTPD to find your stolen stuff if you have the registration numbers or if you have a picture. If an iPad was stolen and they type that into the database it’s hard for them to recover YOUR iPad. Document all your important valuables and jewelry.

Ask for a drive-by

If you plan to be out of town on vacation, call the police ahead of time and advise them of your trip days.  Ask them to do a drive-by and they will bring the cruiser by your house three times each day to check in on it.  The only thing is, if you change your plans and cut the vacation short, call and tell them.  One of our group members told of this happening to them where the police entered the house because they believed a burglary was in progress due to a change in dates.

Call the FTPD

Hunt told us there is an interesting phenomenon that occurs.  People are burglarized and are too embarrassed or too busy or too unconcerned to call the police.  He said they get calls all the time when a car is broken down on the side of the road but not when houses are burglarized.  He told of a recent homeowner who was on vacation, burglarized during it, came home on a Tuesday and found out but didn’t call the police for two days.  He also asked us how many people knew of the recent burglary on Manor Lane?  Despite two of our group members living on Manor, not one person had heard about it.  He emphasized the importance of immediately calling the police if you’re a victim OR if you see something; it is OK to be a nosy neighbor.

Remember, be safe, be smart, and be aware.  Watch out for your neighbors and don’t hesitate to call FTPD.  If your house were on fire, would you wait two days to call the Fire Department?

Monday-Friday Non-Emergency call 859-292-3622 Campbell County Dispatch.
Go to FTPD website and sign up for E-Alerts regarding our community

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