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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bill's Poison Pen: Hows' It Bin

By William Sandmann

Years ago an article appeared in FROM THE FOUNTAIN FIZZ, stating that recycle bins were available for purchase at the city building for $6.00. At that time, my recycle bin was in need of major surgery. It was broken in several places and held together with duct tape. The tape would last about six months and would need to be replaced again.

I did not purchase a new bin as I diapered paying $6.00. Why? Because monies derived from the sale of recycled materials are Rumpke's and secondly, I did not cause the damage.

Are the bins made from a different plastic material than the free bins used in Cincinnati? Those seem to hold up very well.

I finally got smart and scrapped the duct tape repair. I used heavy bailing wire which works OK.

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