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Friday, August 29, 2014

Bill's Poison Pen: Use Common Sense on Roads

By William Sandmann

I read an article with interest concerning the new seat belt law, and how its enforcement will reduce the number of lost lives, reduce injuries and save tax payers thousands of dollars.

This is very commendable, but I believe there are many other factors that contribute to the issues mentioned above. 

My wife and I are senior citizens of Fort Thomas, and are blessed with good health. We both are active, retired (but work part time) and enjoy our lifestyle, as I'm sure many other senior citizens of this community do. We both drive and observe the seat belt laws, but it angers me to see such disregard for safe driving habits of many derivers other than having your sear belts buckled.

I have classified many drivers into three categories:

First: There are the "pass-a-maniacs" who must do everything in their power to pass you, so that they can be first in line. It gives them a sense of power so they show you how stupid your driving habits are, especially concerning posted speed limits. You may observe this on a daily basis when you get off of I-471 and turn onto Memorial Parkway towards Fort Thomas. The speed limit on that stretch of the road is 35 MPH, yet many vehicles will speed up to get around you so they can be first in line when the straight thorough lane appears, and the posted speed limit increases to 45 MPH.

Second: "Magnetic-a-maniacs" who have a strong, powerful magnet on the front of their vehicle. It is so powerful that they are drawn very close to the rear of your car. I was always taught to remain about 10 feet behind the car in front of you for every 10 MPH you were traveling. Now days the driver's license exam lists this guideline in seconds of time.

You may also observe this condition on the same stretch of Memorial Parkway, especially when it's raining. Sometimes, when you are approaching the deer crossing area, the magnet becomes every more powerful and the maniacs even get closer to your rear bumper. I guess they figure that the magnet repels deer.

Third: "Common sense drivers." These drivers are generally older persons who observe the correct road rules and regulations. There are many of these persons in our community. I would like to see a monthly televisions show of topics outlining the basic driving skills, as a reminder to all drivers what they taught but the driver's license exam.

Topics such as speed limits, passing rules, road markings and signs, headlights (not parking lights) to be on when wipers are used, emergency vehicle right-of-way, and on and on and yes, seat belt use. Topics that could also save lives, accidents, property damage and taxpayer's money.

I'm a dreamer, I guess, but it would be nice.

1 comment:

  1. I was totally with you until you said the "common sense drivers" are usually older persons. There is a wide range in every age, but some of the worse drivers I've encountered are "older persons" who drive through lights that they don't seem to see or are in the far left lane in an intersection and turn right, almost hitting the car that is in the right turn lane.