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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bill's Poison Pen - What's the Value of Speed Limit Signs?

By William Sandmann

I live four houses south of the intersection of Rossford and N. Fort Thomas Ave. There is a speed limit sign of 25 MPH posted just north of my driveway. Do you think it is effective? No! Some autos, pickups, commercials vehicles disregard the sign. The same is true of vehicles traveling south towards the intersection. It seems to me because of a stop sting at the intersection, vehicles must get up speed to break the speed limit. I think it's psychological. My neighbor has a radar gun and has clocked speeds of 50MPH. 

We have small children playing around the area (the parents do a great job training them not to run in the street) but it might be only a matter of time before an accident might happen. 

I don't know the solution to the problem. Maybe bright flashing lights installed by the speed limit signs would work. There used to be flashing lights new Johnson School area, but for some reason there were removed. 

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  1. I empathize!! I have been badgering the city for 5 years about the speed on Tremont.... I have been told by Don Martin the following, and I quote:
    1. There is no speeding problem on Tremont
    2. You live on a cut through street, you shouldn't be surprised by the traffic... (we are not complaining about the traffic, just the speed)
    3. We don't put up slow kids playing signs as they don't work..... (never mind the 2 dozen I see every day)
    4. Speed humps don't work, and will interfere with snow removal....(Hyde Park????)
    5. 20 mph is unenforceable
    6. Tremont has always been 25.
    All these quotes are from Don Martin the City Administrator... who BTW does not reside in Ft. Thomas. His lack of empathy, caring or concern over the citizens concerns should be of grave concern to all Ft. Thomas residents. This issue continues as it directly impacts the lives of 2 dozen kids that live between So. Ft Thomas Ave and Carolina. I feel for you in your concerns and would be happy to discuss and share the correspondence I have received from Mr. Martin.