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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

BREAKING: Jeff Ruby's Waterfront Sinks into the Ohio River

Jeff Ruby's Waterfront, as it sinks into the Ohio River/WCPO

HEBRON, Ky. -- Jeff Ruby's Waterfront has sunk into the Ohio River.
The plagued, currently vacant riverfront restaurant, currently sitting at C&B Marina in Boone County, began to take on water and sink earlier this morning, according to reports.

This past February, the barge also broke free from its moorings at the foot of the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge in Covington and began floating down river, eventually crashing into the bridge. In 2011, the boat broke free from the dock with over 80 patrons on board.

Today's mishap comes not long after Ruby announced plans to re-open the restaurant, on land, in the Licking Riverside district in Covington, near the Roebling Bridge. 

Seems now that solid ground will be Ruby's only option.


  1. Although I would make no charge of inappropriate behavior by anyone regarding this sudden "taking on water", I can't help but think of how the Beverly Hills Supper Club, the Lookout House Supper Club and the home of one of that "family" of "businesspeople", (acros from the Lookout Stud Farm,near Crestview Town Centre) ALL just happened to burn to the ground one day.

  2. Can you say: "Swimmin' with the fishes"?