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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

BREAKING: KY GOP Will Not Recognize Ouster of County GOP Leaders

A feud in the Campbell County Republican Party will continue to simmer through election season as the Chairman of Republican Party of Kentucky, Steve Robertson, will likely not recognize the ouster of the Executive Committee of the Campbell County Republicans according to sources close to the situation. Inquiries to Robertson were not returned.

A meeting was held at Barleycorns in Cold Spring on July 29 and by a vote of 11-1, those in attendance were in favor of reorganizing the party leadership.A letter drafted in June (see a PDF of the letter here) called by a faction of the county GOP accused party Chairman Jeff Kidwell of 20 instances of “malfeasance, nonfeasance and misfeasance” and accused the nine-person executive committee of “acting in concert with or giving tacit approval to” his actions.

A slate of new officers, including Sandy Shaw as chairwoman and Deb Sheldon as vice chair were installed at that meeting.

The reported ruling comes as the faction organizing the expulsion has again planned another Barleycorns rendezvous tonight. At that meeting, they will discuss breaking away from the Campbell County Republicans and forming another group: Campbell County Conservatives. 

The interesting component of this break of the party is what will be the mission of this group and what those candidates for office will make of this. The mission of the Campbell County GOP is to keep Republicans in office, however it has been rumored that some candidates are not receiving the financial and obligatory support that is usually commiserate with the county party.

It's most likely that those up for elections will stay out of it. It's the politically smart thing to do. The candidates that feel they are getting shortchanged, will likely be the ones that get the most support from this newly formed contingent.

The current executive committee of the Campbell County GOP are:
Jeff Kidwell - Chairman, Cold Spring; Wini Stine - Vice Chair, Ft. Thomas; David Martin - Treasurer, Wilder; Pete Garrett - Secretary, Alexandria; Elizabeth Kidwell - Youth Chair, Cold Spring; Kevin Sell, Alexandria; Tony Rouse, Alexandria; Amy Towles, Ft. Thomas; Ashley Woods, Wilder.

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