Thursday, August 14, 2014

City Council Election Ballot Order Picked

The Campbell County Clerk's office has determined the ballot order for the Fort Thomas City Council election this November:

* denotes incumbent

1. Paul L. Whalen (Ridgeway Ave.) (withdraws 9-3-14)

2. Adam M. Meier (S. Fort Thomas Ave.)

3. Lisa Kelly* (Strathmore Ave.)

4. John Muller (Fischer Ln.)

5. Anthony Bonomini (Rossford Ave.)

6. Ken Bowman* (Altamont Ct.)

7. Jeff Bezold (W. Kimberly Dr.)

8. Roger Peterman* (Riverside Pkwy.)

9. Robert "Bo" Wasser (write-in)

Councilman Eric Haas will also be running for Mayor, unopposed.

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