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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fort Thomas Couple's home renovation to be Featured on DIY's Sledgehammer on Wednesday, August 20.

As previously reported by FTM, City Council candidate Adam Meier and his wife Laura were selected to appear on DIY's new show, Sledgehammer.  FTM has received new details about the Meier's show, set to air at 10:00 PM on DIY.

Here's a description of their show from the DIY network:

Turning a Two Family Rental Into Home Sweet Home

Adam and Laura Meier are rehab pros.

They've been working on turning a two family rental property into a one bedroom home, but the project is dragging on until Jason Cameron shows up with a Sledgehammer and a deal. Smash all the rooms they can in 30 minutes, and Jason will fix them up, but if they fail, Jason won't touch them.

Adam and Laura jump at the chance to smash the upstairs apartment's kitchen and hallway. The ultimate goal is to give Adam and Laura a bedroom and bathroom of their own, but demoing an old kitchen creates some time consuming problems that cost them dearly when they turn their attention downstairs.

When the dust settles, Jason helps the homeowners create a new master bedroom, bathroom and a huge walk-in closet and sitting room. The bathroom features unique Art Deco tile and a big soaking tub. The project opens up new space to bring the laundry up from the basement to the third floor and Jason shares tips on protecting the flooring under the laundry units. The results are stunning thanks to the power of a Sledgehammer.


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