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Friday, August 15, 2014

Fort Thomas Native and Entrepreneur Opening New Gym Saturday, Hosting Open House

Fort Thomas native and entrepreneur, Jerry Scarlato, will be opening his own gym Saturday. Fort Thomas Matters got the exclusive interview to find out what drives Scarlato and what it took to open Thrive Fitness.

Scarlato said he obtained the 2,500-square-foot building located at 8107 Alexandria Pike on June 9, and has since transformed the interior into a fully functioning holistic fitness center.

Scarlato is the sole owner of the gym and said he does plan to expand the number of employees as the number of clients increase. As of now Thrive Fitness has about 30 clients.

Thrive Fitness offers three types of fitness classes: Sports performance, Adult performance and a large group class.

Scarlato described the sports performance class as the ideal class if you want to increase your athleticism. This would be the perfect class for any current or prospective athletes.

The adult performance class aligns more with classic personal training. These classes are specified to individuals wants, needs and personal goals.

The large group classes are exactly what they sound like, but with the group sessions there are specific sub classes offered, Scarlato said.

Under the group class offering there are cardio classes, flexibility and mobility classes.

Scarlato said these classes are not individualized, but they are more economical.

Along withe the class offering at the gym there is also a nutritionist employed at Thrive Fitness who is available for gym members to consult. The nutritionist's name is Treves Janszen.

Scarlato explained what type of exercises are focused on at Thrive Fitness.

"The body is meant to move," Scarlato said. "All the exercises that we teach at Thrive Fitness are movement based, not muscle based."

Scarlato went on to explain that everything that is done at his gym is offered with a focus on natural movement. The training that clients are subjected to, including resistance training, sleds, kettle bells and battle ropes are all instructed with that focus on movements that the body does in everyday life.

Scarlato talked about a recent success story of one of his clients.

"A client was having trouble bending over to pick up their grandchild. After sessions at the gym the client said that they now have no problem bending over, and can pick up their grandchild with ease," Scarlato said.

Scarlato was a finance major at Thomas More College, so I asked what drove him to open his own gym?

"I always wanted to own my own business," Scarlato said. "I worked at a family member's gym for 7 years and trained at that gym for 5 years. Once I began to fully understand and appreciate the body and training I knew it was the field I wanted to go into."

Thrive Fitness occupies the former Skip and Flip space on Alexandria Pike and I asked Scarlato how he settled on the gym's home?

"I felt like I had outgrown the gym where I worked and I was tired of trying to train around the other members there," Scarlato said. "I tried to buy that gym from its owners, but that deal would eventually fall through. My wife suggested I call the owner of this building and one thing led to another ... now Thrive Fitness is a reality."

I couldn't help but notice that there was another gym in close proximity to Thrive Fitness, and there are inevitably other gyms available to people, so I asked Scarlato what separates his gym from all the others?

Scarlato stressed the atmosphere in his gym is unlike any other. All one has to do is read the gym's slogan on the sign to know that the gym's clients train together and they succeed together.

"The atmosphere in this gym focuses on the group," Scarlato said. " There is a support system built in to the way we do things. Studies show that fitness goals are achieved better when in a group."

Thrive Fitness' motto is Run With The Pack. Scarlato touched on what the motto means to his clients and where it originated.

"A client came up with it ... Run With The Pack alludes directly to wolves and how more is achieved in a pack opposed to one singular wolf," Scarlato said. "The motto speaks directly to the accountability that the clients provide for each other, and the support system that the pack provides."

Jerry Scarlato, Thrive Fitness owner and trainer

Anyone who is interested in joining the pack can visit Thrive Fitness' website for class offerings and price points. The gym also has a Facebook page that you can further explore.

Thrive Fitness will be hosting its open house on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. following the Run in the Park 5K/10K at A.J. Jolly Park, which it sponsored.

If you have any other questions you can email Jerry Scarlato. Any nutrition questions can be directed to Treves Janszen. Or you can call Thrive Fitness at 859-635-2200.

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