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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

And the September "Yard of the Month" Winners Are...

Linda and Marty Malloy were named September's "Yard of the Month" winners/Provided
Linda and Marty Malloy, of Riverside Parkway, have been named September's Fort Thomas Florist and Greenhouse "Yard of the Month" winners.

Fort Thomas Florist has this to say about this month's winners:

Linda and Marty have lived in their home for 22 years and have been working hard to beautify their yard for over two decades! Both have a strong love for the outdoors, so of course, gardening is one of their favorite hobbies! In fact, they claim the favorite 'room' in their home is their front porch, where the two can often be seen enjoying dinner. They also love entertaining outside, and we can see why!

When they bought their home, the yard was overgrown with 'volunteer' cherry tomatoes. Now, it is beautifully manicured with hostas, hydrangeas, ferns, and more! Of course, they battle deer year-round trying to protect their plants...especially the impatiens. But using both deer scram and liquid fence has seemed to do the trick.

Although they love to try new varieties, like this year's crowd-favorite begonias, the ferns are the prize possession of this yard! It takes hard work to keep up with these sometimes invasive plants, but Linda and Marty have been able to thin them out each year and give some away to friends and family in the process. They estimate giving away over a hundred of these plants when grooming this particular flower bed!

Nominated by their friend, Nancy, these hardworking gardeners certainly deserve the recognition! Congrats to the Malloy family!

Here are FTF's gardening tips for September:
  • Photograph your gardens and containers for a record of the year's triumphs and frustrations
  • Start planting bulbs this month, as well as trees, shrubs, and perennials
  • Overseed your yard
  • Plant garden mums, ornamental peppers, asters, pansies, ornamental cabbage and kale for fall
Congrats to the Malloy's, from all of us at FTM!

See more photos of the Malloy's award-winning garden, at Fort Thomas Florist and Greenhouse's Facebook page.

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