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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

BREAKING: Another Fort Thomas City Council Candidate Withdraws, Another Files for Consideration via Write-In

Paul Whalen, provided. 
Fort Thomas City Council candidate, Paul Whalen, has withdrawn from the election this November. Whalen is the second candidate to withdraw from the ballot, joining Nick Root. There are now seven named candidates on the ballot in November, meaning just one candidate who filed will be left off when the new council convenes in January.

Additionally, a write-in candidate has made his intentions known as well. Robert "Bo" Wasser is running for Fort Thomas City Council. Below are press releases for Whalen and Wasser, respectively:


Several things have come up since I filed in December 2013, which may cause a conflict in
campaigning for and serving on the Fort Thomas City Council:

1.  The demands on my position as Chair of the Campbell County Democratic Party.   The Campbell County Democratic Party was successful in recruiting a very competitive group of candidates for county and state office this fall.  This group includes 5 women and several independent business owners.  As Chair, I have the responsibility to assist where needed.

2.  In May, Governor Beshear appointed me to the Board of Gateway Community and Technical College.   It looks like this position may take a significant amount of time.  There is also a legal question of whether an individual can hold two offices where a "constitutional" (state) oath is taken.

3.  I have started a book on Kentucky's U.S. Senators.  A couple of historians have said that it has promise should I keep working on it.

4.  I have a full-time job as an attorney and a couple of hearing officer contracts as well as a wife and 3 children.


I am running for Ft. Thomas City Council as a “write-in” and would like to humbly ask for your vote. While I do not technically have a political background this should be viewed in a positive manner as I believe a fresh voice and new set eyes can be an asset for Ft. Thomas.

I was Commissioner for Crestview and responsible for their street and park maintenance and have been in supervisory positions for well over forty years. I know people, how to work “with” them and what motives them from my time in the workforce. 

So why am I running for Ft. Thomas City Council, when I could be kicking back with my feet on the coffee table? It’s because I care about Ft. Thomas and you, the citizens of Ft. Thomas. I grew up in this fine city and have so much love for it! I want to contribute more to the community than just being a citizen - I want to give back. Ft. Thomas is so much a part of my life, and I really believe it has shaped me to be the person I am today.

I’m running on a platform of fiscal responsibility, conservation and integrity. Tax dollars need to be spent wisely and our development and revitalization challenges to be carefully managed and compatible with the wishes of the community.

In serving the people of one of the best cities in the state of Kentucky, one of the many focuses I have is safety. It’s important to me to keep it a safe community and even safer moving forward. We do not need crime and drugs making their way into our city. We MUST make Ft. Thomas a drug free community and have a “zero tolerance” approach. Drugs are a huge issue in today’s world and our children must be kept safe as they are the future of this city. Every citizen should strive to work to achieve this goal and this should be spearheaded by our City Council.

I want to listen to people’s concerns no matter how small they may seem and would be available to them 24/7. I also want to make sure our laws and ordinances are upheld by all residents – not just a handful of people. If at some point, there are ordinances that need improvement, I believe in keeping an open minded, common sense attitude to revising them if need be.

I would kindly like to ask for your vote on November 4th as Write-In” for Ft. Thomas City Council.
Thank you,

Robert “Bo” Wasser 

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