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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Budding Journalists: CSI - Fort Thomas

By Lexie Crawford 

In a previous article I told you about a podcasting class that I took through the Fort Thomas Independent Schools Summer Enrichment Program. I mentioned that I was going to take another class and that class is called CSI Fort Thomas. I’d like to tell you a little about it in case you have any interest in joining next summer.
Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) is very popular right now due to all the popular TV shows about it. In this class, budding crime scene investigators join Fort Thomas Police personnel in analyzing clues, excavating bodies, and exploring crime scenes in order to figure out who did it. Some of the things we did during the week included looking through evidence at a crime scene, interacting with a police dog, learning how bugs can lead us to dead bodies, digging up a dead deer, learning about blood spatter and fingerprints, making a mold of our hand, and looking through tools used at crime scenes. If you want to join next summer you might want to know a few quick facts. This class takes place over the course of a week at Highlands High School and is for incoming 6th through 8th graders. It costs $65 to participate but is worth it because you get a fun filled week and at the end a cool CSI t-shirt. The class is taught by Highlands teachers Kathleen Lemmons and Tracy Houston as well as Fort Thomas Police Officer William Hunt. Here’s what he had to say.

Officer Hunt’s favorite part of that week was having fun with the kids and horsing around with them. The Fort Thomas Police Department partners with the school for this camp. He said CSI camp benefits the FTPD because it helps build a stronger relationship between the PD, the schools, and the community.
One of the instructors at this camp, Tracy Houston, decided to teach this class because she is a science teacher and she wants to get kids interested in any kind of science she can. Her favorite part of this week was seeing kids learn the real science behind forensics instead of what they see on TV. Her least favorite part was digging up the dead deer! She thought the kids in this class this week were quiet, yet polite. She was impressed with the overall work the kids did and she was surprised that they tried everything even though it was gross.
The other instructor, Kathleen Lemmons, decided to teach this class because she wanted to be part of the participants learning. Her favorite part was seeing how excited the kids got about learning and watching them use the skills immediately. Her least favorite part was running out of time. She thought everybody worked hard but they were quiet and yes, she was impressed with the work they did.

In my podcasting class I made friends and that was one of the biggest benefits. I also made friends in CSI Fort Thomas. They had fun too, and wanted to share all the fun experiences they had to make sure you join this class next summer.

Caitlyn M., a 6th grader at Highlands Middle School (HMS), joined this class because she really likes mysteries and watching crime shows and she wants to be part of the action. Her favorite part was the activates and when people came in to talk to us about CSI, the relation it has to their job, and cases they have dealt with. Her least favorite part was the stench of the dead deer. She thought the coolest part of this class was all the cool people we met. She had a lot of fun and was happy she joined.

Another person I became friends with, Toby C., joined because he thought it sounded interesting and because he is into CSI. Toby’s favorite part was digging up the dead deer, but he disliked the stench, so that smell was his least favorite part. He thought the most interesting part was learning how to lift fingerprints off different surfaces. All in all he was happy he joined this class.

That was mine along with others’ experience of CSI Fort Thomas. You might still have some questions, for example, “Dead deer?! What dead deer?!” My answer is if you want to learn more, join CSI Fort Thomas next summer.