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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Get to Know the Candidates: A Q&A with Robert "Bo" Wasser, Write-In Candidate for City Council

Robert "Bo" Wasser has filed as a write-in candidate for City Council/Provided

This year, all six Fort Thomas City Council members face re-election. As part of FTM's efforts to keep you, the Fort Thomas electorate, informed and prepare you for the upcoming election season, the Q&A below is part of an ongoing FTM series spotlighting candidates in the 2014 elections. Incumbents and challengers are asked a nearly identical set of questions, then a second round of follow-up questions, if necessary. This week we spoke with Robert "Bo" Wasser, running for Fort Thomas City Council as a write-in candidate.

Robert "Bo" Wasser is a life-long Fort Thomas resident. Bo recently retired two years ago from Resco Products, a company specializing in steel plant services, as a sales and service representative. Before that, he worked in the steel industry for over 30 years in a management role, as well as a brief period spent working for Miller Brewing out of Milwaukee. Bo currently lives in Gettysburg Square Apartments.

FTM: What has been your personal connection to Fort Thomas specifically, and Northern Kentucky more broadly?

BW: I grew up in Fort Thomas. I went to Woodfill Elementary School and graduated from Highlands High School. I currently live in Gettysburg Square. When my wife passed away over 3 years ago, home wasn't home anymore. I was away from Fort Thomas for a short period due to working in Pittsburgh and for Miller Brewing in Milwaukee in a management role. I look at growing up in Fort Thomas as helping mold me into the person I am today.

What, in your opinion, makes Fort Thomas one of Northern Kentucky's best places to live and/or raise a family?

There are many advantages to growing up in Fort Thomas. In my opinion the Police and Fire Departments are second to none. The school system ranks nationally as one of the finest in the country. The beauty of the city: "the City of Beautiful Homes." And let's not forget the wonderful people of Ft Thomas.

If elected, what will be the first issue you bring before council?

My first issue of business, if elected, will be to keep the city safe. We have a low crime rate in this city. But two main concerns of Council should be to eliminate any drugs or potential crime in the city.

I will give 110% effort to make sure this city is safe and stays safe, with a ZERO tolerance for drugs. I will listen to the group on the pet situation, if it's brought to Council again. 

While I do not really have any political experience, I do not see that as a downfall. I have close to 40 years in supervisory/management positions. Running a company I believe can be very similar to running a city. I was blessed to have great parents, great teachers in school and great coaches while playing sports at Highlands. I am very self motivated, highly disciplined and I believe a winner. All of those are priceless to me. I will give Ft Thomas 110% effort as a council member. I know no other way to do it. With City Council members and the citizens of Fort Thomas, this city will continue to be a leading city now and in future years to come.  

What specific actions would you take as a council member to ensure the continued growth of small, locally-owned businesses in Fort Thomas?

The local businesses in Fort Thomas are an essential part of the city. Continued support of our businesses should be a top priority. Some have been around for many years due to that support. If an item can be bought within the city, we should strive to encourage citizens to obtain it from one of our fine businesses. We should encourage new business in the city, as well, but such as not to compete with our other fine businesses. We need to look at existing available space of empty facilities. Maybe ask the citizens what type of businesses would benefit the community.

Are there any issues you believe City Council has, so far, failed to address adequately or at all that, as a council member, you would bring attention to?

I believe City Council has, for now, done what's best for the city, even though all people might not agree with that statement. In closing on my statements, I encourage citizens to attend council meetings. It's your city. Council works for you. You have a right to be heard and listen to what's going on in your city. 

Out of all the city-wide events Fort Thomas hosts each year, which is your favorite?

The city utilizes the fine Tower Park with some great music. The 4th of July event is like one big family reunion. It's great for the city.

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