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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

HHS Ranks Nationally Once Again

Highlands High School has been ranked in another national list of America's top performing high schools, this time by Newsweek.

What's more, though? HHS was one of only two Kentucky high schools that made the list, ranking 196th out of 500 schools.
Model Laboratory High School, in Richmond, KY, ranked 238th and was the only other Bluegrass school to earn a ranking.

Like many other lists of its kind, Newsweek's primary focus in creating the list was to rank schools in terms of graduates' college-readiness. This took into account criteria that included:
  • enrollment rate
  • graduation rate
  • AP/IB enrollment
  • SAT/ACT scores
  • student retention rate (i.e. change in student enrollment between ninth and twelfth grades)
  • counselor-to-student ratio
Another component to Newsweek's rankings included performance of its "economically disadvantaged" students:
[W]e incorporated this step to recognize schools that have equitable academic performance for economically disadvantaged students as indicated by their performance levels relative to the state average. These schools were marked with a gold star on our full rankings page.
Highlands's ranking came with that gold star.

Newsweek's above average ranking of HHS comes after The Daily Beast ranked Fort Thomas's high school 243rd out of 700 last week.

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