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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Omega Processing Presents: Informed Voters Project - Campbell County

One of Fort Thomas' biggest companies and community stalwarts, Omega Processing Solutions, has generously invested once again in the Fort Thomas and Northern Kentucky community through the Informed Voters Project, produced by Fort Thomas Matters. FTM will be interviewing candidates on the upcoming ballot in an ongoing podcasting series, available for download on at and iTunes (search Fort Thomas Matters).

Fort Thomas Matters has been the leader in keeping our readers informed about the upcoming elections.  (You can find complete coverage of our Fort Thomas City Council candidates here and the ballot positions here).

The Question and Answer interviews we've done for the council candidates have been posted on and in the Fort Thomas Living Magazine, but we believe it's important to hear the candidates speak. Sometimes it's difficult to comprehend their ideas or positions online or in print. Hearing their voice helps define what they mean and ultimately leads to a more informed citizenry and we thank Omega Processing for their contribution to our city and county in this regard. 

We can all agree that Fort Thomas is a great place to live, but it can be better. That starts with an informed electorate. One of our reporters literally heard the following phrase come out of a current councilman's mouth, "The attendance is very low at council meetings because they trust us so much and I take that as a compliment." 


What does it mean to strengthen citizen participation in local governance and why is it important?

Citizen participation in local governance involves ordinary citizens assessing their own needs and participating in local project planning and budget monitoring.

It is important for improving public resource management and reducing corruption, by making public servants and political leaders accountable to the people. For citizen participation to work, transparency of government information is needed, as well as the inclusion of members into decision-making from groups whose concerns are being addressed. Not a small group of decision-makers that have formed bonds and relationships in Fort Thomas for generations upon generations. 

We hope you enjoy the Informed Voters Project - podcasting series, starting very soon.


  1. This is a great idea. No more cliques in FT making all the decisions!

  2. Ft. Thomas is one of the least transparent cities in NKY. It's no wonder Bellevue is now flourishing without the old city administrator that you all now have. Bellevue > Ft. Thomas.