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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Post 9/11 Highlands Middle School Students Learn Lessons on Heroes

Via Fox 19: - See the video and reporting by Gordon Graham

As the nation prepares to honor those who died in the September 11 attacks, some Northern Kentucky eight graders are learning about the tragedy that occurred while they were still in diapers.
Students at Highlands Middle School in Fort Thomas take this time of year to learn about the attacks that claimed nearly 3,000 lives, caused billions of dollars in damage, and changed our nation's sense of security.

After pausing a documentary, teacher Lisa Birkley explains how New York fire fighters sacrificed their own lives in attempt to save others. "They were still going in, even after the first plane hit they were still going in trying."

Birkley's students are watching the video with students from Rob McCoy's class. McCoy says it's part of a lesson on heroes, and is taught on September 10 and 11 for a reason.

"By seeing this documentary the timing of this is perfect. It always lands right around this date anyway so it really allows our kids to understand what's going on."

Most of the kids don't even remember that day.

"I was only a few months old and I didn't really realize how serious it was until now and I think it's really sad," said 13-year-old Sophie Ison.

"Normally we think of heroes as something larger than life, but when we see that they're actually normal people in normal straights make snap second decisions and that could save someone's life and it did save many people's lives. It puts it all in perspective," said student Kat Finseth.

The unit on heroes has been taught at Highlands Middle School for the past five years and at the end of the lesson they'll be asked to write an essay about a hero in their own lives.

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