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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Street Class Follow-Up: Montvale Court's Charity Cookbook

Cookbook author Linda Klare and her granddauther, Gabriela Rodriguez, present a check to the Rett Syndrome Foundation.
Last October, Fort Thomas Matters spoke with Montvale Court resident Linda Klare while she was in the process of writing a cookbook. This was no ordinary cookbook, but instead a way to use food in order to help the lives of others.
Klare was initially inspired to write a cookbook years ago as a gift to her family. After spending years entertaining guests, she had amassed an impressive collection of delicious recipes. She originally thought that writing a cookbook would be a great way to pass something along to her children. Little did she know at that the time that she would be using her culinary expertise for much bigger reasons.
Klare's granddaughter, Gabriela Rodriguez, was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome at a young age.  Rett Syndrome is neurological disorder that is linked to a mutation in the X chromosome. The entire Klare family has stepped up to make every day the best it can be for Rodriquez. This "it takes a village" mentality is what helped fuel Klare's desire to revisit her cookbook idea in order to raise money for Rett Syndrome research.
In the year since we last spoke with Klare, some advances have been made with Rett Syndrome. "They are making progress in research. This past year they started three phases of a study for medications for the girls. The first phase was to make sure that it would be safe for the girls to take the medicine. They are now in the second phase of a study of some of the girls taking the medicine and some of the girls taking placebos. The third phase will be studying any progress that the girls have made on the medicine. They are also planning for any rehabilitations that they will need if the medicines are successful. We are climbing a mountain through research and prayer," said Klare.
The "village" that helps Klare's granddaughter also stepped up to aid Klare in the creation of her cookbook. "We do have a village, thank goodness! We did everything possible to keep the cost down of the book. My family helped in typing the recipes, editing, and of course in sales. Most of all, they were all excited when I decided to do the book for our precious granddaughters' foundation, and their encouragement meant so much to me," said Klare.
Writing the cookbook was no easy feat, and Klare was met with some difficulties while writing the book. She found that the most difficult aspect of the process was actually completing the book, and finding time within her busy schedule to work on the it. "I have such a hectic schedule, and with such a large family, it was hard to keep on track," said Klare. "I also travel with my husband on business trips. Then once I told people that I was writing a cookbook, they started asking me for copies. I even started praying that I would get it completed! One day the light bulb went on, I thought why not do this for Gabby's foundation? Then I knew why it took me so long to finish the book, you see it was in  God's time, not mine. Once I had a purpose for the book, not to mention you all doing the article last November gave me a deadline, I completed the book."
All of Klare's hard work definitely paid off when she was able to present the Rett Syndrome with a check for $18,260, which easily surpassed her initial goal of $10,000. She has since sold more cookbooks, bringing the totoal to an impressive $20,000. According to Klare, "The most rewarding thing was to be able to possibly make a difference in the the lives of all of the beautiful little girls who suffer with Rett Syndrome and their families. Also to bring an awareness of Rett Syndrome throughout the country. I have shipped many books to many places  throughout the United States. I also hope that my book will help bring families back to the table with their families, or possibly using one of my recipes to help someone in need."
Klare certainly could not have made this amazing donation to the Rett Syndrome without the help of friends and family from Fort Thomas, and throughout the United States. "I am very humbled by the support of my family, friends, the community, and also the business aquaintances that I have met over the years. I even had a linen store in Carmel, California buy 24 copies," said Klare.
Over the years, Klare was not only able to become an advocated for Rett Syndrome research, but also has gained knowledge on how to serve as a caregiver to others. "My advice to those who are caregivers on an everyday basis is to pray everyday for the strength, patience, and stamina you need to get through the day," said Klare. "Also to those of you who are extended family and friends of caregivers, maybe there is someway you can help to lighten their load. Finally, keep your sense of humor, keep smiling and laugh, for life is short!"
You can purchase your own copy of Recipes from the Heart - from the Kitchen of Linda Klare at Fort Thomas Central, or by contacting Klare personally.

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