Wednesday, October 1, 2014

2014 Election Fact-Sheet: Which Elections Will Fort Thomas See on the Ballot?

Campbell County Building, located on Monmouth St. in Newport, is home to both the County Clerk's office and the Fiscal Court/Google Maps

The deadline to register as a voter in Campbell County is next Monday, October 6. To prepare you, our FTM readers, we've created this 2014 Election fact-sheet, outlining everything you need to know, including how and where to register, for the upcoming election in November.

Register to Vote

In order to vote in any government election, you must first be registered to vote in your county of residence. In order to vote in primary elections, you must also be registered as a member of a particular party (this is not required to vote in General Elections in November).

In Kentucky, voters can register to vote 28 days or more prior to an election. That makes this year's deadline to register to vote October 6, 2014.

To register to vote, simply fill out this form and take it to the Campbell County Clerk's office (pictured above), located at 1098 Monmouth St. in Newport. If you cannot print out the form, they should have it available at the County Clerk's office.

Know Your Districts

Fort Thomas is "districted" on a federal, state, and county level. Here's a run-down of what districts Fort Thomas falls into, for voting purposes, as well as who is running for each seat:

* indicates incumbent

Kentucky's U.S. Senate Race

- Mitch McConnell (R)*
- Allison Lundergan Grimes (D)

Kentucky's 4th Congressional District

- Thomas Massie (R)*
- Peter Newberry (D)

Kentucky General Assembly (State Senate + House of Representatives)

Kentucky State Senate District 24:

(Katie Stine is not running as incumbent this year)

- Jason Steffen (D)
- Wil Schroder (R)

Kentucky House of Representatives District 68:

- Shae Hornback (D)
- Joseph M. Fischer (R)*

Campbell County Fiscal Court 

Campbell County Judge/Executive:

- Steve Pendery (R)*
- Ken Rechtin (D)

Campbell County Commissioner District 1:

- Rene Heinrich (D)
- Brian Painter (R)*

Campbell County Commissioner District 2:

- Charlie "Coach" Coleman (R)
- Melanie Steidel Pelle (D)

Campbell County Commissioner District 3:

- Tom Lampe (R)
- Mark Ramler (D)

Campbell County District Court Judge

- Cameron J. Blau
- Gregory T. Popovich

Other Campbell County Offices

Campbell County Sherriff

- Scott Hildebrand (D)
- Mike Jansen (R)

Campbell County Clerk

- Jim Luersen (R)
- Marc Muench (D)

Campbell County Jailer

- James A. Daley (R)*
- Ed Hehman (D)

Campbell County Property Value Administrator

- Daniel Braun (R)*
- Andrea Janovic (D)

Campbell County Coroner

- Matthew Cline (D)
- Mark Schweitzer (R)*

Campbell County Justice of the Peace/Magistrate District 3

- Stan Jones (R)
- Charles “Bud” Wilson (D)

Campbell County Constable District 3

- James “Jim” Peluso (D)
- Roy T. Usleaman (R)

For good measure, here's the list of candidates running for city office in Fort Thomas:

Fort Thomas City Council

- Jeff Bezold
- Anthony Bonomini
- Ken Bowman*
- Lisa Kelly*
- Adam Meier
- John Muller
- Roger Peterman*

Robert "Bo" Wasser is running as a write-in candidate.

Current Councilman Eric Haas is running unopposed for Mayor of Fort Thomas, to replace Mary Brown, who announced earlier this year that her current term as Mayor would be her last.

Board of Education

- Lisa Duckworth*

- Mary Adams

- Bradley T. Fennell*

- Scott Johnson*

- John T. Weyer 


  1. Where can I find objective information about each person's platform, voting record, etc.? I can only find lists such as this but none with information on the record of the candidates.

  2. A description of what each job entails would be great!

  3. can we vote for anyone for mayor…a write in vote?

  4. You can write-in any Fort Thomas resident.