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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Budding Journalists: Cool Jobs Around Town - Spotlight on Firefighter Chris Rust, Fire Prevention Week

by Lexie Crawford
FTM "Budding Journalist"

FF/Paramedic Chris Rust, FTFD/Provided
I’m back again and this time with a little bit shorter article. For a little while I’m going to be writing a series of articles about people in Fort Thomas and their cool jobs.

First up we have Chris Rust, one of the Firefighter/Paramedics at the Fort Thomas Fire Department (FTFD). He wants to talk to all of the parents and children about Fire Prevention Week which is October 5-11 this year. Rust wants to educate our community about his job and then how it ties into Fire Prevention Week, your family, and their safety.

So like I said earlier he wanted to tell you about his job so let’s dive on in. He had to have 400 hours of fire training, go to paramedic school, and take a written and physical agility test. After he did all that and received his conditional job offer he had to take a lie detector test, pass a medical physical, have a police detective do a background check and talk to all of the references he put on his application, and he finally got hired!

He has a strange work schedule, 24 hours working and 48 hours off. This lets him do fun stuff like help out with the Highlands cross country team but forces him to work on weekends, holidays, and birthdays. Every day for him is different and he never knows what might happen. In the morning he and his colleagues make sure everything is OK. He could have an emergency call any time in the day or night.

There are so many cool things about his job, but he thinks the coolest part is working with his fellow firefighters to save a life. Although his job has so many cool factors there are still some hard parts. He thinks the hardest part of his job is not saving lives but seeing the families whose house just got destroyed, at the most tragic part in their life.

Now that you know about his job, here is how it ties into Fire Prevention Week. Most of the kids reading this article know that whenever we have Fire Prevention Week, the firefighters come in to our schools and talk to us about making a common meeting spot and staying safe in case of an emergency or fire and we also have a contest to see who can best illustrate the meaning of Fire Prevention Week. The FTFD also comes to our schools for No Drugs Week. They tell us about the dangers of drugs and TO NOT USE THEM!!!

Now that you know how much the FTFD helps us, not just with emergencies and fires, but also with our education, thank them the next time you see them.

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