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Monday, October 13, 2014

Campbell Co. Race Dubbed "Nicest" in Northern Kentucky

Scott Hildebrand (left) and Mike Jansen (right) are opponents for Campbell County Sheriff, but the civility their race is getting national attention./Photos provided
Usually when a county-level race for office gets national attention, it's often for its fierce competitiveness or the surfacing of some scandalous or otherwise incriminating information. But that's not the case for this year's race for Campbell County Sheriff.

Scott Hildebrand (D) and Mike Jansen (R), who are currently facing off for the county's top law enforcement office, have gained national attention for the civility of their race, a reputation sparked by an article by Amanda Van Benschoten for the Cincinnati Enquirer on Saturday, calling the race "the nicest in Northern Kentucky." The story was picked up by NPR later that same day.

"The contest for Campbell County Sheriff offers a refreshing change: unlike most political rivals, Democrat Scott Hildebrand and Republican Mike Jansen actually like and respect each other," Van Benschoten writes, highlighting the candidates' mutual opinion that finding the most qualified candidate is more important than any political gain the winner might secure.

The article, which can be read in its entirety here, also points out how the civility of this campaign's rhetoric comes in the wake of the tumultuous ousting of Republican incumbent Jeff Kidwell, whose performance had been fatally challenged leading up to May's primary elections.

The candidates, who are both seasoned law enforcement officers, have expressed many similar points of view on how the sheriff's office should be managed, including returning the office to its original, primary duties, and not duplicating any services already provided by other departments.

"The citizens deserve a clean race," Jansen told the Enquirer. "This office is bigger than us."

"Both of us want what's best for the county," Hildebrand added. "If he gets it, I will support him. If I get it, I'm sure he will support me."

Read the Enquirer's full report here.

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