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Friday, October 24, 2014

County Commissioner, Judge/Exec candidate wants to fight heroin with education and treatment

Campbell County Commissioner Ken Rechtin has announced "Day One: Save our Citizens"/Provided

Much is being said about heroin addiction in Northern Kentucky communities, specifically in Campbell County, which has emerged as a hotbed for dealers and users alike. Emergency responders, physicians and hospitals, law enforcement and judicial systems struggle just to tread water in their respective roles of dealing with the enormity of this epidemic. Most tragically, families are being torn apart and people are dying at an alarming rate.

Political candidates across the spectrum have jumped on the “heroin is our number one problem” bandwagon.

While regional efforts are proving somewhat successful in apprehending and incarcerating heroin offenders, Campbell County Commissioner Ken Rechtin says a “status quo” approach will not stem the rising tide. "A more multi-dimensional, holistic approach that deals with addiction as a public health problem is called for," he said in a press release.

“Working together with 'on the ground' volunteer efforts like NKY Hates Heroin, we must, can and will win this battle," Rechtin added.

Rechtin has called for what he calls “in-your-face, to-the-point” educational program in schools, churches and community centers aimed at deterrence, and a harm reduction program that would include clean-needle exchanges and methadone treatments for those who are using.

Rechtin has also called for police officers from all regional cities to be trained in, to carry and be authorized to dispense Naloxone, a drug that will reverse the effects of other narcotics and oftentimes save the life of one who has overdosed.

"While admittedly not on the front lines in the heroin fight, the Judge Executive and Fiscal Court can and should play a significant role in this major community and regional challenge," Rechtin said, via the release. "As Campbell County’s top elected leader, Ken Rechtin will seek more resources directed toward intervention, treatment, and recovery programs."

"'Slow and steady' is a path to more tragedy and more failure,"
the candidate for Judge Executive said. "The families of Campbell County deserve an aggressive approach that calls upon every resource within reach. Our future depends on it."

- via the office of Ken Rechtin

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