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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fort Thomas Election Bio: Marc Muench, Campbell County Clerk

Marc Muench is running for Campbell County Clerk./Provided

by Marc Muench
Candidate for Campbell County Clerk

We are living in a day and age when taxpayers are demanding efficiency within their government, and rightfully so. The operation of government agencies whether they be national, state or local are funded by you and me. We expect that the hard earned dollars that we pay as taxes are used effectively and prudently. That does not always happen. We continue to hear of poor management practices, by government agencies, which have led to less than effective management of our tax dollars.

For many years, American businesses have injected modern management practices into their processes. This is done to assure that their operations run in an efficient and cost effective manner. The services provided by the Campbell County Clerk’s office essentially constitute a business. The office is in the business of providing a wide range of services to residents including auto/motorcycle/boat registration and transfer, the keeping of our county’s records, issuing marriage licenses, tax bill preparation and the complete oversight of the election process, just to name a few. It is very important that the individual who oversees the employees, the individual departments and the operations of the County Clerk’s office has the education, skill sets and experience to assure that the office is run in an efficient, accurate and timely manner by individuals who are knowledgeable and helpful. Our current County Clerk Jack Snodgrass has used his experience as a former business owner and manager to do just that. 

I have been fortunate in having worked for some very good people in my life. Because of them I have over 30 years of successful business experience as well as 30 years of overlapping management experience in both the private and public sectors. My career has included management positions with divisions of Coca-Cola and Campbell Soup and most recently as a Fire/EMS Chief managing a staff of over 80 individuals. I have also had the pleasure of serving the citizens of Campbell County for over 40 years as a volunteer Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician for the communities of Southgate, Bellevue, Cold Springs/Crestview and now Melbourne (Camp Springs). I am proud and humbled to be endorsed by our Law Enforcement Officers from Campbell County Fraternal Order of Police-Lodge #10.

My combination of corporate management experience, community service and my desire to serve the citizens of this county assures you that, if I am elected, the County Clerk’s office will be run professionally and that your tax dollars will be spent in the most efficient manner possible. In addition, as a customer of this office, you will be provided quick, friendly and accurate service. That is my personal promise to you. Your support on November 4th is sincerely appreciated.

Biographical Information:
     Marc Muench
     6108 Four Mile Road
     Camp Springs (Melbourne), KY
     Cell (859) 859 638-5497

Married 37 years to Gail (nee Froelicher) from Bellevue

Three Children:
-Marcus is a Newport Firefighter Medic married to Mandy (nee Griess)
-Matthew works for American Financial and is married to Jess (nee Schmidt)
-Mason is an Alexandria Firefighter/EMT
-Three “enthusiastic” grandchildren; Benjamin, Noah and Rejean

    -AAS-Small Business Management-NKU

-Former Fire/EMS Chief for the City of Florence, KY
    -National Account Manager to Kroger-Otis Spunkmeyer Bakeries
    -Business Development Manager-Odwalla (Coca-Cola)
    -Key Account Manager-Pepperidge Farm (Campbell Soup)
    -Areas Sales Manager-Pepperidge Farm (Campbell Soup)
Community Service:
    -Volunteer Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician for 42 years
    -Active member of our church and community

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