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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fort Thomas Matters Bio: Melanie Steidel Pelle, Campbell County Commissioner

Melanie Steidel Pelle is running for Campbell County Commissioner

by Melanie Steidel Pelle
Candidate for Campbell County Commissioner

Challenges facing our County

Economic Development is the biggest Challenge Facing Campbell County.  However, the Campbell County Fiscal Court of which consists of three commissioners need to show leadership in three areas considered obstacles to economic development and growth.

Lack of Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency.  Republican members of the Campbell Fiscal Court gave away $150,000 in economic development funds to Kenton County for development of a walking path.

Lack of Representation.  The commissioners on the Campbell Fiscal Court currently do not have a say on the county’s representatives on regional boards.  I support giving Campbell County a voting representative on CVG Airport Board as recommended by Auditor Edelen.  In respect to SD1, all members of the Fiscal Court should vote on appointments to its board.  Additionally, SD1’s annual budget should be reviewed and approved by all members of the Fiscal Court.  Presently, only the Judge/Executive has a say in SD1’s annual budget and rates.

The Heroin Epidemic. I have lost someone near and dear to my heart and I’m on a MISSION. What we are doing is not working. Addiction is a disease; until we treat it as a disease we will not resolve this problem.  All members of the Fiscal Court have a duty to lead as the body that represents the entire county.  The Fiscal Court should lead with partnering with local governmental units in the county seeking federal, state and private grants to work to eradicate this problem.

Differences Between Melanie Steidel Pelle and Her Opponent

Small Business Owner.   I’m a small business owner.  Unlike my opponent, I know what it is like to make a payroll and pay overhead. My opponent is presently receiving a state pension and has never had to experience “making payroll.”  I understand the needs of businesses. I provide payroll and bookkeeping services to many small businesses understanding first-hand the needs and the challenges of small businesses.

Proven Ability to Read a Balance Sheet—As a bookkeeper who works with small businesses and school board member, I have the proven ability to read and interpret complex financial information.

Problem Solver—Campbell County has many challenges.  I have the ability to work and partner with diverse groups of citizens and institutions from around the county to meet the challenges facing Campbell County.

Pelle bio:
Campbell County native Melanie Steidel Pelle is the daughter of Campbell County educators Stan and Louise Steidel. She is a mother and grandmother.  She has raised her family in Silver Grove where she has served as an elected member of the Silver Grove Board of Education for almost 18 years.  As a member of the Board she has served as Chairperson for over 12 years.  During this period of time, Silver Grove has ranked in the top 10% of progressing schools in Kentucky.  Cincinnati Magazine has ranked Silver Grove #14 on a list of best schools in Northern Kentucky.  In addition to her school board duties, Ms. Pelle has worked with the All "A" Classic for 25 years raising scholarship funds for student athletes. She is a small business owner.  She owns and operates a payroll and bookkeeping service located in Silver Grove, which serves many small businesses in Campbell County.

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