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Friday, October 24, 2014

Fort Thomas Matters Election Bio: Jason Steffen, Kentucky State Senate

Jason Steffen is running for Kentucky State Senate/Provided

by Jason Steffen
Candidate for Kentucky State Senate 

As a lifelong resident of Campbell County and being born and raised in Fort Thomas, it is important that we are represented by people that are members of our community.  Members that were raised here and choose to raise their families here.

To represent a community, one must represent all of the people, regardless of their political parties.  At times, we have chosen our leaders based on money spent in elections and what party they put next to their name on the ballot.  This leaves us with representation that does not mirror the values of our community.  These representatives answer to money and party, rather than the people of the communities.  Members of the community should know their representatives on a personal level, they should know their families, and they should know if the person is a leader in their community.  My family has lived in Campbell County for over 100 years and I was raised in Fort Thomas, along with my 5 brothers and sister.  I continue to live in Fort Thomas with my wife, Holly, and we are expecting our first child in November.  With the retirement of Senator Stine, we are at a point where we will be electing a new leader for our community in the State Senate.  This leader should understand the issues that are unique to our community and affect everyone that lives here.  The bar needs to be set high for whom we elect as for our next senator.  As an elementary school principal, I manage people, manage budgets, and problem-solved to achieve results.  I have also run several non-profits and I am a small business owner.  These experiences are the reasons I have chosen to run for senate and represent our community.

Fort Thomas and the local Campbell County Schools have continued their tradition of excellence on the state and national stage.  But yet, the State of Kentucky continues to fund all school districts differently based on local tax contribution.   Families choose communities to reside primarily based on the schools in that areas.  Good schools should not be penalized for performing well.  There are several school buildings in Fort Thomas and other local school districts that are far past their useful lifespan.  We need to elect someone who will work to bring construction money back to the community for new facilities and properly fund our school systems.  I have been in education for the past 13 years, with the past 8 years as an elementary school administrator, currently as Principal of Ludlow Elementary.  With over 50% of the state budget spent on education, we need a senator that understands education and the funding system.  We need to work on solutions to control the cost of a college education for our children.  As a Highlands and NKU graduate, I will go to Frankfort to make sure that our tax money is returned to our area to support our local institutions.

Our area is in a unique situation, as development in our river cities continues, but the majority of our district is suburban and rural areas.  This makes the 24th District State Senate seat one of the most ideal places to live in the state.  By having urban amenities, with the comfort of space and little congestion.  Only a senator raised in our community would understand the uniqueness of these characteristics.  But for far too long, Kenton and Boone Counties have received the bulk of state funding for infrastructure projects for Northern Kentucky.  As a resident of our community, I will go to Frankfort to work to bring our tax money back to Campbell County to be spent in our community.  This November, we need to vote for leadership in Frankfort that will represent the interest of all community members.

We continued to be plagued by a drug epidemic in the region.  This epidemic is affecting all walks of life, and every member of our community knows someone affected.  I work with families every day who are struggling with other family members who are addicts.  We are not going to prosecute ourselves to a cure.  We need a multi-faceted approach of treatment and rehabilitation to treat this as the disease that it is.  And we need to punish the dealers that are supplying our children with these drugs by increasing sentencing for dealers.

My endorsements include:

- Kentucky Professional Firefighters
- International Association of Firefighters Local 1928(Fort Thomas)
- Kentucky Education Association
- Kentucky Building Trades
- Northern Kentucky Labor Council
- United Autoworkers
- United Steelworkers of America
- Ironworkers
- International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
- Teamsters Plumbers and Pipefitters
- Sheetmetal Workers Local 24
- International Union of Operating Engineers
- Laborers International Union of North American
- The Enquirer Editorial Board

This election is an opportunity to elect a member of our community to represent us in Frankfort and put the interest of our community ahead of all outside interests.  This November 4th, I ask you for your vote to represent our community in Frankfort.

Jason Steffen
Candidate, 24th District State Senate
107 Tremont Avenue
Fort Thomas KY 41075

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