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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fort Thomas Matters Election Bio: Mark Ramler, Campbell County Commissioner

Mark Ramler is running for Campbell County Commissioner
by Mark Ramler
Candidate for Campbell County Commissioner

Campbell County’s 3 biggest challenges:

The first major challenge that Campbell County faces is a lack of creative thinking and problem solving by elected officials. The County struggles to attract development, new residents, and businesses. We need to think differently to fix existing problems such as the heroin epidemic and stagnating property values, while creating opportunities and making smart investments to help our County grow.  

We must be more strategic about development in our County. We cannot continue to invest millions in infrastructure to support small-scale development that we cannot afford to maintain later. We need to be supportive of cities and invest in smart growth strategies. Our aging cities and building stock are ripe for redevelopment and new infill construction; we need to invest more actively in these areas. Utilizing the infrastructure we have already built will increase property values in our existing neighborhoods, expand our tax base, attract new residents and businesses, and pave a more sustainable road for the future.

Campbell County is failing to attract young professionals, entrepreneurs, and business leaders.  It is imperative to invest in our communities to make them appealing to those that contribute to a healthy local economy.  Smart investments now will garner greater returns later through the addition of businesses, residents, and an expanded tax base.  We need this expanded base to support local services, law enforcement, and countywide programs while maintaining low tax rates.

3 biggest differences between my opponent and myself:

As the youngest candidate running for this office, I bring with me a great deal of passion and a determination to improve Campbell County. I am proud to have stepped up and actively invested in our future through my local small business. Campbell County will greatly benefit from my pro-active and fresh leadership.

I understand our challenges from the rural, suburban, and urban perspectives and will work hard for every citizen.  Drawing from my background and work experience, I will make decisions that are beneficial to everyone in Campbell County. My opponent has very limited experience with the County as a whole and a narrow sphere of influence shaping the decisions, or indecisions, he’s made in public office.

Lastly, I am a practical and creative problem solver. I am an incredibly hard worker, and my many successes at a young age have been a result of this work ethic.  My family is very supportive of my endeavors, but none of my achievements, successes, or board appointments have been a result of political ties. My opponent has been in elected position on Ft. Thomas City Council for several terms now, yet he continuously fails to lead or to make tough decisions.  If elected, I will not be a ‘rubber stamp’ on the Fiscal Court. That is not leadership.  We cannot afford to elect inactive officials; the stakes for the future of Campbell County are too great.

Ramler bio:

Mark is a 6th generation Campbell County resident.  He resides in Newport’s East Row Historic District where he is actively involved in the neighborhood, home tours, planning committees, and serves on the City of Newport’s Historic Preservation Commission.  He is also involved in the Camp Springs Community where he grew up, and assists in planning their annual Fall Herbst Tour. In 2011 Mark published a book about the Camp Springs area and its historical and architectural significance.

Mark is a graduate of Bishop Brossart High School in Alexandria, and also holds a bachelors and masters degree from the University of Kentucky in Architecture and Historic Preservation.  He is a small business owner in Newport, specializing in historic renovations and real estate development in Kenton and Campbell Counties.  He serves on the board of trustees for the Wesley Chapel Mission Center in Over the Rhine, and has been heavily involved with the Flying Pig Marathon and their charities for over a decade.

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