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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fort Thomas Matters Election Bio: Rene Heinrich, Campbell County Commissioner

Rene Heinrich is running for Campbell County District 1 Commissioner/Provided

by Rene Heinrich
Candidate for Campbell County Commissioner

As anyone can see from a quick drive through town, it’s election time. Candidates like me are feeling the pinch as November 4th draws closer.

As candidates, how do we get out the message without bothering people that are already busy and overloaded?  How do we try to get people to vote?  How do we get people to vote for the person, not the party? 
Here’s my quick list of the top 3 issues facing our county and my solutions for them:

Lack of smart business development.  Taxes are kept low and services are kept high when an area flourishes with development.  Housing prices rise.  More money goes to local schools.   TIFF districts and other development tools need to be utilized so Campbell County can compete with the rest of Northern Kentucky to draw in businesses that attract jobs, pay taxes into our communities, and offer services for a growing number of families.  Smart development means utilizing our existing business districts without infringing on our natural landscape, neighborhoods and communities.  Smart development also means taxes, like the 9-1-1 tax, are spread equitably among the community, and not on the backs of only few.

Lack of Creative Problem Solving.  Brilliant ideas come from people willing to think outside the box.  Sometimes, that means not having the popular answer or not being embarrassed to express a lofty idea.  Always that means listening to everyone’s input to come to the best conclusion even if it wasn’t yours.  We need to start being proactive instead of reactive.  Campbell County needs people willing to work smarter, work faster, and work harder to catch up with Boone and Kenton Counties who are enjoying a burst of growth we have not yet seen.  

Lack of Regional Representation.  We all know that we pay in a lot of money to the state in taxes.  Only a few recognize how much actually comes back from the state to Campbell County.  We need to step it up a notch to work with Frankfort leadership to get our tax money back into our communities.

Top 3 Differences between myself and my opponent:

A Mom and a business owner.  They say if you want to get things done, ask a busy person!  I’m running because I want to be a better steward for the monies collected from our hard earned tax dollars.  I want to protect my children and make sure they live in an ideal community with good schools, good services, and great people.  I want to leave the world a better place than it was when I got here and I’m willing to work hard to accomplish that goal. 

A lawyer.  Lawyers problem-solve for a living. Despite many disagreements, we work together every day to solve problems for our clients.  These skills allow us to intellectually analyze a problem, weigh the possibilities, and work together for win/win outcomes.  Who better to work on behalf of your community? 

State-wide resources.  Our county issues run the gamut from farming to inner-city poverty.  Your county commission needs to be adaptable for all sectors and understand the motivations and challenges facing each one.  I have worked my entire career to forge relationships across the Commonwealth.  These relationships will give Campbell County the benefit of not only my experience, but the experiences of others.  Sometimes there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel.  You just have to know whom to ask. 

Heinrich Bio:

Rene Heinrich is married to Highlands High School Building Supervisor Jack Hering (an NCC graduate and current assistant coach of their football team).  She has three children: one at Highlands Middle School, one at Woodfill, and one in preschool.  She also is a proud stepmom to three grown children: Andrea, Lyndsey (a teacher’s assistant in the special needs classes at Woodfill and bartender at Ft. Thomas Pizza), and Trisha Hering. 

Rene Heinrich is a 2000 graduate of the Salmon P. Chase College of Law and a 1995 Honors Scholar graduate of Easter Kentucky University, holding degrees in Speech Communications and Theater and English.  Born in Rosenheim, Germany, Rene speaks fluent German.  She opened her law office, located in on York Street in Newport, in 2007.

Rene lived in Ft. Thomas until 2001, when she and her family moved to Highland Heights.  She is currently serving her second term on Highland Heights City Council and previously served on their Board of Adjustments and Planning and Zoning Commissions. 

Rene volunteers as a Junior Achievement Instructor at Woodfill.   Professionally, she has served as an Administrative Law Judge.  She also serves as a Guardian ad Litem, or children’s attorney in Campbell and Kenton Counties and has served hundreds of abused and neglected children and their families here in Campbell County.  She recently was reappointed by Governor Beshear to the Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention Board to continue her work on behalf of Kentucky’s children.

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