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Friday, October 24, 2014

Fort Thomas Matters Election Bio: Shae Hornback, Kentucky State Representative

Shae Hornback is running for the Kentucky State House of Representatives 68th District/Provided

by Shae Hornback
Candidate for the Kentucky State House of Representatives 68th District 

Three of the greatest challenges we face together in Campbell County are the challenges all Kentuckians face.

The first of these is heroin. Our leaders must first admit that heroin is a problem. Then our leaders must be willing to work with other elected officials, regardless of party affiliation, to find the best and most responsible solution. This alone sets me apart from my opponent. My opponent blocked a bill that would have released funds to our county to help fight the heroin problem. He did this by attaching an amendment that had nothing to do with the bill or heroin. The bill was voted down because he refused to remove his disruptive amendment. My opponent isn’t willing to work to solve the heroin problem in Campbell County. Instead he is willing to block all sensible legislation with his own single-minded agenda. That isn’t public service. It’s self-service.

Two more of these obstacles we face are education and jobs. Our legislators must work together to create a balanced budget to fund a leading education system. Great education is the building block to a great society. We need to support our teachers by giving them the funds needed to truly educate. An educated society means that companies will want to create jobs here.

I am not arrogant enough to believe that my ideas alone are the best answers. No, we must all listen and work together to achieve the right answers for Campbell County. My opponent and I differ on this because I believe in being a true public servant to the people and not myself or special interest groups. I believe that my personal ideals should come after those of the citizens I work for. I believe in what our state flag says, “United We Stand…”

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  1. False info. VERY false info. Sad he has to lie in order to try to win. That's respectable... NOT.