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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fort Thomas Matters Election Bio: Charlie "Coach" Coleman, Campbell County Commissioner

Charlie "Coach" Coleman is running for Campbell County Commissioner
by Charlie "Coach" Coleman
Candidate for Campbell County Commissioner

Challenges facing our County

Many of our County’s challenges are the result of laws and regulations of Government at the State and Federal level.  Remember Ronald Reagan, the Government wants to “tax it, regulate it, and then subsidize it.”

First Challenge - Economic Development along the AA Highway.  To accomplish this it is essential to have sanitary sewers.  Because of the EPA mandates 50% of the SD 1 budget goes to retire debt.  Even with recent double digit rate increases no funds are set aside for growth.

Second Challenge - East/West Corridor.  In order to facilitate AA development the County needs access to reach I-75 and I-71.  For business and housing growth we need an easier and safer route to the Airport and to many of the jobs in Boone County.

Third Challenge - Heroin.  The State Legislature has lessened the penalties for drug trafficking.  At the same time made it more difficult for doctors to prescribe painkillers.  I have met with the medical professionals, law enforcement, judicial branch, families and abusers.  No one has a solution.  The County needs a Comprehensive Plan with all parties involved to insure ownership in a solution.

Three differences between my opponent and myself:

Preparation, Record of Achievement, Knowledge.

I have attended most every Fiscal Court Meeting the last four years.  I know the issues facing our County.  My opponent, who desires to be a Commissioner, has never been seen at a meeting.  Why the sudden interest?  I do not need a map to the meetings.

I have demonstrated the courage to stand with the taxpayers.  My opponent, on the other hand, has served on the Silver Grove School Board for 17 years.  Silver Grove Schools has the “HIGHEST” school tax in the State! ($129.00 per $1,000.00).  The last 8 years have seen a 46% increase.

My opponent has criticized me regarding the library tax.  As a former School Administrator I, more than most, understand the importance of libraries.  Following the lead of the present Washington D.C. administration, she interprets the law the way she wants, not what it says.  Two Attorney General opinions, two Judges, and the Legislative Research Commission have told the Library they are raising taxes illegally.

The new library could have been built by selling bonds rather than an illegal 27% tax increase.  This method would protect property owners, especially the Senior Citizens.  Defeating this illegal and excessive tax has saved the taxpayers over $3 million.

Coleman bio:

Education: Newport High School 1966 Eastern Ky. University 1970, B.A. Political Sci. and History; Northern Ky. University 1978, M.Ed.  Education; Xavier University 1983, Rank I Educational Administration

Career: Teacher, Coach, School Administrator; Newport Ind. Schools;  Bellevue Ind. Schools; St. Mary Elem.; Host, N.K. Sports Legends, ICN 6

Military: Army National Guard, 1970-1976

Civic Involvement:  N.K. Right to Life; N.R.A; American Legion; Ind. Business Assoc. of N.K.; Campbell Co. Cable Board; Behringer Crawford Museum; N.K. Athletic Directors Hall of Fame Selection Committee; N.K. Sports Hall of Fame Selection Committee

Endorsements: Northern Kentucky Right to Life; F.O.P Lodge #10; N.K. Board of Realtors; Congressman Thomas Massie

1 comment:

  1. Actually, there are four attorney general opinions that support the fact that libraries should use the same law as every other taxing district in assessing their tax rates. The Campbell County Public Library, quite legally and using the appropriate law, took the vote to the people on whether to raise the tax rate. There was nothing illegal in the Library's actions. Mr. Coleman's own lawsuit against the Library acknowledges that, in using the appropriate law, the Library's tax rate stayed the same or less than the original 1978 tax rate for 15 years.

    The southern branch of the library could not have been built by "selling bonds". Bonds must be paid back. Without the funds to pay back the bonds, the Library could not have pursued bonding.

    JC Morgan, Library Director