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Monday, October 20, 2014

Fort Thomas Matters Election Bio: Cameron Blau, Campbell County District Court Judge

Cameron Blau, pictured here with his wife Marla and their sons Colin and Logan, is running for Campbell County District Court Judge/Provided

by Cameron J. Blau
Candidate for Campbell County District Court Judge, Division 1

Change and growth in a community isn’t always easy and it takes great strength and conviction to work towards it, so I want to begin by thanking everyone in our community who has taken time out of their busy lives to help improve this great community we call home.  My name is Cameron Blau and I’m running for District Court Judge here in Campbell County.

To understand why I feel I am best qualified for this position, it is important understand what type of cases District Court handles.  District Court is a court of limited jurisdiction and handles juvenile matters (public offenses), city and county ordinances, violations, misdemeanors, traffic offenses, arraignments, felony preliminary hearings, evictions, small claims involving $2,500 or less, civil cases involving $5,000 or less, voluntary and involuntary mental commitments (including Casey's law), and probate of wills.

Reasons why I have the right experience for the change we need:
I have spent the last nine years dedicating myself to not only running the criminal division as the Chief Assistant County Attorney, but improving the office by going from an office only open to the public from 9am to noon to a full time office which provides 24/7 service to the community.  The Criminal Division of the County Attorney's Office processes approximately 20,000 cases a year which primarily flow through the district court, which means I have processed 180,000 cases in the last nine years and am intimately familiar with all facets of not only the district court, but with the backbone of that system -- our Circuit Court Clerk's office, the Court Designated Worker's Office, our Pre-trial Services, the Public Defender’s Office, Law Enforcement Agencies, and our Adult and Juvenile Detention Facilities.  I am proud to say that I have a great professional relationship with each facet of this system and this well-rounded experience can help promote efficiency and judgments which fully utilizes the services our county has available.

In addition to the above, I am also the current City Attorney for Silver Grove and am uniquely qualified to see the actual problems which all cities in the Commonwealth suffer from and the strong need to enforce our local ordinances which were created by our local city councils who know the needs of the cities they represent – blight being one of the largest problem areas.

Beyond my legal resume, I bring a strong area of information technology with me.  The majority of criminal activity and investigations now use or involve some form of technology: smart phones, computers, tablets, emails, social networking sites, etc.  Having a district court judge with this kind of experience will allow me to review search warrants, conduct hearings, rule on evidentiary issues, and issue orders with a background that will allow me to craft well-grounded decisions.

Most importantly, I am vested in our community having been born and raised in this community and a family history that dates back for 171 years.  My wife and I are proud to raise our two children in Campbell County and we want a safe and healthy environment for them which translates into a strong fight for all families in our community.  For over the last three years, I have been actively going to the local schools and lecturing on the dangers of heroin because early intervention is the only true success that I can claim to have seen and experienced to date.

After 20 years, this community deserves change, growth, and renewal, and I have the right experience for the change we need.  I hope that I have earned your vote on November 4.
For further information or if you wish to contact me, please visit or

Blau Bio:

Vested in the Community:
- Married to Marla (daughter of Margaret and Jerry Twehues) and raising two sons: Logan (age 7) and Colin (age 4)
- Life Long resident of Campbell County who was raised in Fort Thomas, Kentucky and currently resides with his family in Alexandria, Kentucky
- Active Parishioner of St. Mary Parish in Alexandria, Kentucky
- Son of Attorney Bernard J. Blau (deceased)
- Grandson of former Campbell Circuit Court Clerk Edward J. Blau (deceased)
- The Blau Family have been residents of Campbell County for 171 years

- Current Chief Assistant County Attorney for Campbell County (in charge of the Criminal Division for over 8 years)
- Per year, responsible for over 10,000 Traffic Cases, 3,000 Misdemeanor Cases, 1,300 Felony Arraignment Cases, Juvenile (Status and Public) Cases, Protecting Dependent, Neglected, and Abused Children and Elders at Risk of Abuse or Exploitation, and Involuntary Commitments for Mental Health Issues, Alcohol, and Drug Abuse
- On call 24/7 as advisor to local Law Enforcement Officers which includes the gathering of evidence through the creation of Search Warrants
- Primary Intake Attorney: answers questions from the general public and reviews public requests for criminal charges
- Current City Attorney for Silver Grove
- General Practitioner of Law including: Criminal (Adult and Juvenile), Civil (including Tort, Real Estate, Contracts, Collections, Small Claims, Evictions, and Corporate), Probate, Domestic Relations (including Paternity and Child Support), and Appellate Practice

Fighting to improve and educate our Community and Judicial System:
- Judicial Administrator of the eWarrant and eEPO (electronic Emergency Protective Order) systems throughout the County
- Provides quicker protection to Victims of violence and allows Law Enforcement Officers to better serve and protect the community
- Helped implement the programs throughout the Commonwealth because it drove efficiency through shared resources,
- Helped create, shape, and implement the Veteran’s Diversion Program to assist and protect our local veterans
- A founding board member of the Northern Kentucky Regional Mental Health Court to provide access to necessary treatment for those in our community afflicted with mental illness
- Working with Local Law Enforcement Agencies, Judges, and the local criminal Defense Attorneys to implement an Electronic Discovery System to facilitate a more efficient judicial system.
- Lectured and Teen Court Judge for the Northern Kentucky Teen Court Program
- Judged numerous Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati Moot Court Competitions
- Helped implement the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) in Campbell County which is designed to support the vision that all youth involved in the juvenile justice system have opportunities to develop into healthy, productive adults.
- Helped implement the Truancy Diversion Program in the Campbell County School Systems to improve school attendance and help identify at-risk youth
- Installed and manages the Wireless Internet Access for Prosecutors, Defense Attorneys, and Judges in the new Campbell County Court House
- Spent the better part of the last three years trying to educate and protect our citizens, especially our children, from our unfortunate growing epidemic –heroin

- Awarded 2010 Assistant County Attorney of the Year
- Awarded 2011 Recognition Award for Outstanding Service in the Protection of Elders at Risk of Abuse from the Northern Kentucky Area Agency on Aging and Independent/Elder Maltreatment Alliance Committee

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