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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fort Thomas Ranks Among Nation's "Best Suburbs"

Fort Thomas has ranked among Business Insider's 50 Best Suburbs in the U.S./FTM file

Fort Thomas has ranked among the 50 best suburbs in America, part of a list released last week by Business Insider.

BI researched some 300 suburbs across the nation before ranking Fort Thomas as the 29th best in the country. "For this list, we considered suburbs with populations between 5,000 and 100,000 within 40 kilometers of the nearest metropolitan area," the report said.

Our list was dominated by the Midwest," the authors said, "or more specifically by Ohio suburbs. This is likely due to several factors, most notably a reasonable cost of living."

Three Kentucky-side suburbs of Cincinnati, for which Fort Thomas is joined by Edgewood and Villa Hills, also made the list.

The rankings also considered average commute times, median household income levels, home affordability, crime and poverty rates, and public school rankings (for which Fort Thomas Independent Schools scored a 10 out of 10).

Here's what they had to say about our home on the hill:
Fort Thomas' lower-than-average median household income of $60,578 is offset by the suburb's low cost of living. Famous for its stone water tower (pictured), a famous northern Kentucky landmark honoring the town's soldiers who fought in the Spanish-American War, this historical town is only a 19.6-minute commute from Cincinnati. 
FTM feels compelled to note that Fort Thomas' "lower-than-average median household income" refers to lower than the national average. The 19.6-minute commute from Cincinnati also seems a bit... exaggerated, suggesting that with more accurate information, Fort Thomas could have scored even higher than its 29 slot.

- via Business Insider


  1. Low cost of living? That's hilarious. The moment my kid is out of school, I'm out of town.

  2. Funny that the commute to Cincinnati is 19.7 minutes from Fort Thomas (slower than I could bike it), and the commute time to Cincinnati from Springboro, Ohio (Northeast of Middletown) is 22 minutes. even without traffic it is over 45.

  3. I don't know. In the past I would complain about the city. I look at my tax bill and the high cost is always the school not the services I receive. But wait a minute, it is a national award winning school that is the envy of cities and states around us. I grew up here, went thru the school system, my kids are going thru the school system and growing up here, involved in the community and it's programs. I have friends who are realtors that say go ahead and build on or spend money on your house , history has always shown ft Thomas real estate excels in value compared to any other cities in part due to it's schools and services and quality of living and just genuine quality of life. I am going to sign this anonymous just because you did anonymous and I don't feel like engaging in a word fight with anyone but we live in a good place, we are protected, our kids get a good education ,which sounds like why you are here we enjoy a lot of parks and city services others don't have, our property values climb as we watch others fall, I think our rating should be much higher and am glad to be here.

  4. I can get to Kenwood in less time than that!