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Thursday, October 23, 2014

FTPD bike, foot patrols proving effective against theft, night-time crime

FTPD are finding foot and bicycle patrols offer an alternative to easily seen cruiser lights during night-time shifts/FTM file

Fort Thomas Police arrested and charged two Newport men Monday night in connection with several alleged car thefts around Fort Thomas.

What makes this unfortunately run-of-the-mill arrest slightly different? The arresting officer, Off. Derek Faught, apprehended the suspects while on bicycle patrol.

Fort Thomas Police are starting to branch out with their approach to after-dark patrols. Police cruiser headlights can be seen easily in the darkness, so patrols, especially at night, are taking other forms, FTPD Lt. Rich Whitford told the Cincinnati Enquirer.

"They're focusing in on some neighborhoods, and they're out on bikes and doing some walking beats," Whitford said.

It was in the early, pre-dawn hours Monday morning that Faught caught and arrested Zachary Withrow and James Perry, both from Newport, found in possession of nearly a thousand dollars' worth of stolen goods (mostly electronics) on the corner of S. Fort Thomas and Grand Avenues. One of the men was stopped on Faught discovered to be a stolen bicycle, according to reports, and the other was caught on foot.

So far, some of the stolen property has been traced back to Fort Thomas residents, many having been stolen out of residents' vehicles. Police used one of the stolen items, a recovered GPS device, to determine its origin.

FTPD is still working to determine who owns the stolen property.

Whitford also told the Enquirer that he suspects many of the vehicles that were burglarized were probably unlocked.

"Do us a favor, lock your cars," he said.

- via the Enquirer

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