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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Local school district bans cake

Have you been participating in the Grand City Experiment, the grassroots daily deed of random good, that aims to make our community a nicer place to live?

If you are and live in the Burlington School District, today might be tough to complete. The challenge for today is:
Day 14: Share Treats with Others 
Remember your birthday in grade school? When you got to bring in cupcakes and ice cream for the rest of the class? It’s time to relive that all over again!
Bring a bag of candy or chocolates to work/school/church/mom’s group today, and pass them out to those around you. Use this as an opportunity to strike up a conversation with someone you haven’t spent much time with.
Come on…you’ve been good so far. You deserve a sweet reward.
While Fort Thomas Independent Schools made a choice to rebuff federal money in lieu of choosing common sense lunch solutions that made sense for them, students' birthday celebrations at Burlington Elementary School can no longer include cake, cookies or ice cream. They can include singing, balloons and recognition in morning announcement. Southgate Independent Schools have also made the choice to ban birthday treats. 

Burlington Elementary School, part of the Boone County school district, revised its wellness policy this year. Among the changes: no food allowed at school birthday celebrations.The policy gives as examples pencils, erasers, bookmarks.

It does encourage healthy eating and has made a series of major rule-changes and recommendations in the past few years toward that end. Schools must comply if they want to continue receiving federal money for school meals. Fort Thomas recently opted out.

The parents and administrators at Burlington think it makes sense from a health standpoint, and from a practical one. Birthday parties were taking up too much class time. Students would bring in large packs of cupcakes, or other sweets that took lots of time to pass out and clean up. Sometimes there would be three such celebrations in a day.

The school said that they received quite a bit of push back in the beginning but once people started seeing the reasoning for it and realizing there were other options, they're starting to get creative and find alternatives to still celebrate birthdays.

For example, one student brought jump ropes for the class and they had a jump rope party to celebrate his birthday.

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  1. This is so ridiculous. Kids bringing things in was one of the coolest things in elementary school.